Monday, September 7, 2015

Half Way There - 1970 Topps Set

I bought a new car a few weeks back and it came with 6 months free of satellite radio.  At first I thought talk radio would draw me in but I have been gravitating to some of the music of my youth - Hair Nation the The 80s on 8 seem to be getting the most air time.  A couple days back I was rockin out to some Bon Jovi and when I decided to share these cards, this song came to mind:

This had to be one of the most popular songs of the 80s and you can't help to belt along to "Oh, we're half way there, oh oh living on a prayer".  Well, after my exchange with Mr. Haverkamp, I was down to needing 6 cards to complete my 1970 Topps set and I can now officially say I am half way there.

Five of the 6 were big players and I knocked off 3 of those 5 including the biggest acquisition, here they are:

 First up is Mr. Tiger, Al Kaline.  When Kaline is 3rd in a trio of cards as the biggest star you know this is a star studded grouping.  I am a huge fan of Kaline's and have been ever since inheriting a 1960 card of his from my dad's collection.  I have read a ton of articles on Kaline and it seems like he was a great guy, I need to track down a good biography on the man.  Due to the indention above the Tigers on the top of this card I virtually stole it for about $7.50.  For a high number card that books for $50, I was quite happy with the price.

Next up is the Hit King, Pete Rose.  Of all of Rose's cards, this one was the most foreign to me.  Until picking it up, I would have a hard time picturing it.  There is obviously no action in the photo but I have become a big fan of this card.   The condition of this card is pretty nice and I picked it up for just under $26 delivered.  It books for $60 so it wouldn't appear to be as great of deal as the Kaline but after doing some shopping, I think I got a pretty solid deal.

 Finally the beast of the set, none other than HOF pitcher Nolan Ryan.  This is a high number just 8 cards away from the last card in the set.  It books for $200 and if I was a betting man, I would have wagered a ton on this being the last card I picked up.  My 1973 set finished with the Schmidt rookie and my 1975 set finished with Brett.  There is only 1 other card that books even for $100 and Mr. Haverkamp set me up with the nice Munson RC card.  I have saved a search for this card for a couple months now and right after I secured the cards from Mr. Haverkamp, this beauty popped up for under $50 delivered and I had to jump.  I really, really like this card.

So, I am half way to the finish line but I still have a couple tough cards to secure.  I need both Johnny Bench and Willie Mays, both higher numbers and both book for $80.  The final card I need is a high number common of Sam McDowell.  It would be great if I could put this set to rest before the end of the year.

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  1. You're right, I may have seen an image of that Rose card maybe 1 or 2 times.