Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My First Completed Nameplate

I have seen some bloggers go after nameplates of their favorite players or guys on their favorite teams.  I have seen some plans to build their blog name in letters from different products and players.  I had thought about it off and on but no player ever seemed excited me enough to chase all the letters as these cards usually carry a premium on the secondary market.

Well, a few months back the stars aligned and I found the perfect target for my first nameplate project.  So why was this the perfect target you might ask...

1. It is a nameplate of a player I collect
2. This player happens to be my favorite college basketball player of all time
3. I went to college with him
4. He was my neighbor during our sophomore years and we were friendly with each other
5. The cards are reasonably priced
6. There are 100 copies of each letter
7. There are only 3 letters in the nameplate
8. The letters happen to spell out my alma mater

Enough reasons?

I was able to pick up 2 of the cards pretty quickly and for about $6-7 each.  The final letter was the U and it was a challenge to track down at a good price.  I was outbid on a couple on eBay that went for close to $20 but just recently was able to score one for $13.51 delivered.  In reality I probably overpaid a bit and went over what my target was but I was too excited to get this project completed.

Here are the letters by themselves.  I like that he seemed to take some care in getting the cards autographed well on the letters and also included his #23 uniform number.

And finally, here are the cards all together.  Don't they look pretty.

My Trojans are off to a strong start in football but their first test comes this week versus Stanford.

Fight On!


  1. Nice! I have a few completed versions myself. Always a good feeling when you get the last letter.