Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Trade Post - Baseball Card Breakdown

One way to know you are a little behind in share trade packages is to have 2 different packages from the same blogger. Sadly this is true about a couple of PWEs I received from Gavin at Baseball Card Breakdown.  Time to share the goods and get one step closer to being caught up.

The origin of the first group of cards was a package Gavin received from another blogger who thought he was collecting Chili Davis cards.  Fortunately Gavin remember that it was in fact me and sent me these 5 cards that I needed for my Chili collection (actually it is only 4 as the bottom left card doesn't feature Chili Davis).  I have most of the micro Giants but had forgotten how small those cards really are.
He also tossed in a couple Giants I could use which is also appreciated.  How awesome is that Prism card???

This more recent batch of cards originated with a post I did on wanting to go after Kellogg's cards for my Giants collection and Gavin dropping a comment in a post about a card I had that he was interested in.

In addition to the Kellogg's card, I received this group of Giants.  Of the 6 I needed 4, a pretty darn good hit rate.  Also a couple cool things popped up.  First the JT Snow is a Topps Stars Bronze parallel.  In looking at my checklist, both the base and bronze parallels are numbered to 9799 so I pulled out my binder and to my surprise all of mine are the base version and this JT is the bronze - sweet.  Also, I did not have the Russ Davis Stadium Club Chrome card on my checklist.  I get most of my checklist info on Beckett.com and Davis doesn't have a team listed.  That may be due to his regular  Stadium Club card showing him on the Mariners and then he switched to the Giants in time for the Chrome release.

And finally, the awesome card that started the trade, a 1973 Kellogg's Dave Kingman.  This coupled with the Bobby Bonds I already have finished off the team set from 1973.

 Thanks for the trade Gavin!  I appreciate you reading my posts, remembering I collect Chili and reaching out for trades.

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  1. Glad you like the cards! I received the cards from you yesterday and will post about them soon. Thanks a bunch.