Thursday, November 12, 2015

A 49er Mailday

It has been a disappointing season being a San Francisco 49er fan, with all the off season departures, the hiring of an inexperienced and over-matched coaching staff and all the chaos surrounding Colin Kaepernick there has been plenty of news (and not of the good kind) about the 49ers over the past few months.

Despite the down times, I am a 49er fan and always will be.  I will suffer through the bad times as I have in the past with hopes of a brighter future.  It helps to have 5 Super Bowl Championships to reflect on.

Just before they won a game last weekend I found myself reminiscing about the good old days and outbid someone on Sportlots for this great looking card:

It is hard to read this Sportsflic like cards but I would hope this player is recognizable.  This is a 1995 Collector's Edge die cut insert of 49er HOF Quarterback Steve Young.  The scan does a nice job of showing all the footballs and the overall design of the card but I promise you it looks 10 times better in had.  Winning a Steve card wasn't enough though.

I did an eBay search for one of my favorite all time 49ers and picked up this autographed 1997 Upper Deck Legends card of Dwight Clark.  Although I was a fan of his prior, his CATCH against the Cowboys to send the Niners to their first Super Bowl cemented Clark as an all time favorite for any true 49er fan.  I have a mini player collection of Clark with this being my 73rd different card of his. 

These card purchases don't fully make up for the pain of this current season but they help get me through it.  If things don't improve (and I don't expect they will this year) some more retail therapy may be in order.

Go Niners!


  1. I feel bad for the 49'ers. They had maybe the worst offseason in the past 10 years. They lost their coach, had guys retire suddenly and they were unable to find replacements.

    Love that Dwight Clark

  2. Agreed....bay area sportstalk radio is all Warriors/all the time with a few mentions of the Silver and Black. Things are so bad in Santa Clara now that tickets to the remaining home games are showing up on the entertainment websites (emailed distribution list) at a discount to face value; am sure the Yorks didn't plan on that happening in year 2 of the fancy stadium!

  3. My sympathies for the short term pain that you're enduring. ;)

    Seriously, a good friend is a 49er fan, and this off-season was rough for him. He could see what was coming.

    As you said though, at least you have the Super Bowls. I wasn't alive when my team won anything. And boy does my team find heartbreaking ways to lose!

    Angus - Browns fan