Friday, December 18, 2015

My Take on Time

A couple days back Night Owl posted about Time, I doubt anyone who has found their way to my blog missed his but in case you did, I would recommend checking it out.

In summary Night Owl indicates that he doesn't have the time to blog - life is too busy - however he really wants to so he somehow makes the time to blog.  The post spoke to me and actually inspired me to write my first post in over a month - because I wanted to.

I have many of the same time pulls that many of you do - wife, kids, job, pets, crazy life changes, etc.  I have used these in the past to explain away lapses in blog posting and I did believe that to be the driver of my lack of posting.  But about a week ago I realized that exactly what Night Owl indicated in his post was true - when I don't post it is because I don't want to - I don't make the time for it.

The proof for me has been the last week or so.  The stars have aligned in my life (kids' homework winding down with Christmas Break coming, many of my work projects coming together, fewer and shorter family visits coming up for Christmas, quite a few vacation days, etc.) and for about a week I have actually have some significant periods of virtually free time.  I kept telling myself that when I had a few free moments I would get back on the blog posting train and pump out some posts but it didn't happen.

So what have I been up to?  My hobby hasn't suffered - I have been buying quite a few cards and working to get a little more organized.  I am also working on redoing my want list which is taking tons of time.  Most of my post writing is done late in the evening after everyone has gone to bed but I have been going to bed a little earlier and my wife has been staying up later - bad for the posting, great for the relationship.  I have been catching up on some TV watching - I watched the entire second season of Gothem (great show) that I had DVR'd  and watched a couple 30 for 30s including Trojan War about my USC Trojans from the Pete Carroll era.  I have wanted to do things other than post.

I have gotten quite a few packages in the mail from fellow bloggers - thanks to all of you - and have started working on some return packages.  Since I poached off his blog post, I might as well share the cards Night Owl sent my way:

First off, a nice assortment of 2015 Giants.  I am virtually certain Greg cringes every time a Giant pops up in a pack of his cards but I am happy as they usually make their way to the ARPSmith household.

I also got this great looking card.  I love Orange swatches on Giants relics and this Belt happened to be the final Gypsy Queen Relic I needed from 2013.  I love it when things come together like this!

Greg, thanks for the cards, I appreciate them, and thanks for inspiring me to want to write up a post.  One of several reasons that, despite your questionable taste in baseball teams, you are the best.  I personally appreciate your desire to blog almost every day, I hope you continue long into the future.


  1. Glad it spoke to you. Thanks for saying so.

    And, yes, I actually do cringe every time a freakin' Giant shows up in a pack.

  2. "Cringe"

    Such a nice way of saying "curse like a sailor and whip the card across the room, then run after it and stomp on it with dirty biker boots".