Sunday, December 27, 2015

My 1956 Topps President Set is Complete!

I have been working on the 1956 Topps Presidents set for a couple of years.  I was lucky enough to pick up a majority of the set from a Sportlots seller.  He was listing the cards individually, usually 2-3 at a time and I picked up quite a few of them.  I have been plugging the holes for the last few months and made a goal to finish this set in 2015.  I made it just under the wire.  

Here are the final 3 cards I picked up to finish the set:

I have actually had the Millard Fillmore for a couple of months which left me with our 1st and 2nd Presidents to finish up the set.  I found the Washington for a $5.95 opening bid and $2.54 shipping.  I made an opening bid of $6 and was unopposed so I took it home for about $8.50.  Then the quest was on to find a reasonably conditioned and priced Adams.  I got this one for $5.30 delivered on a buy it now and when it got here a couple days before Christmas my set was complete.

I really like the look of these cards with the portrait in the foreground and a cool scene in the background filling out the card.

I have showed off many of these cards in prior posts but I thought I would share the entire 36 card set for your viewing pleasure:


  1. Congratulations! Gorgeous set.

  2. really beautiful set of cards. I have a couple and hope to do the set one day too. I love my Presidents!