Friday, August 19, 2016

Box Break - 2014 Panini Hall of Fame - Box 1

I bought 2 boxes of 2014 Panini Hall of Fame quite a ways back, definitely before my move.  As I was organizing and packing up I caught some scans of the cards with a plan to write up some posts while traveling back and forth between CA and KS but that never happened.

I figure that since the cards were scanned and I love me some Hall of Famer cards, this could be another better late than never post.

If you aren't familiar with this product, it is one of those 1 pack/box deals.  All of the cards are of Hall of Famers, there are tons of parallels and many of the cards are serial numbered. Also each pack/box guarantees two Hall of Famer autographs.

First up is what I guess would be considered the base cards, although there are several different parallels with different colors.

These really didn't scan too well, they look much better in hand.  Nothing too exciting for me here but  I am a fan of the design.  Of course being a Panini product we don't get any logos but to me probably only the Duke suffers much from this.

Next up are some Diamond Kings inserts.

These look fantastic in my opinion. They have some great detail in the facial features and look enough, but not too much, like a painting.  From a player standpoint, I wouldn't say these are my favorite HOFers but I am a fan of the Walter Johnson card.

Here are 3 other insert sets.  If I am not mistaken, the Crusade parallel has been used in other sports as well.  A very regal design.  I believe the Stengel is the unnumbered base and the Ripken is a parallel but I haven't found the box these are in yet so that is just a guess since the numbering for the Crusade cards is on the back.  The Elite Series and Dominator were in prior Donruss releases and I enjoy both designs.  The Banks card is my favorite here, great photo with him smiling while signing a baseball.

Finally my two autos:

I would characterize these two hits as solid but not spectacular.  I was hoping to score some autos that I didn't already have in my collection but that wasn't the case. I think I may now have multiples of both.  I do really like the design from this set with the head shot hovering over the museum and the auto are on card.  These will most likely stay in my collection.

Overall a good box and if I recall the price point was nicely discounted over the original release price. Stay tuned for what Box 2 has in store.