Saturday, August 13, 2016

I Am Officially a Kansan and Back in the Blogging Game

With the exception of 1 post in April to ask for a temporary cease and desist in shipping me packages, this is my first post since March 1st - wow 5 1/2 months.  I doubt I have been missed but I have missed sharing my new acquisitions, sharing some Giants love in the blogosphere and staying fully connected with what has been going on in the hobby.

I have had a chance to periodically read some blogs, enter a couple contests and of course I have been spending my monthly card stipend.  We are finally settled in Kansas and I have all my cards unpacked (although far from organized) and I have been itching to get back in the game, so I figured this weekend would be a good time to start up the blog again.

I am hoping to contribute something every so often that gets you to click and read.  I owe some of the awesomely generous #supertraders members some return packages and hope to free up some space in my smaller than before card room by sending out some flat rate mailers over the next few months. I hear Kansas winters are a little more harsh than those in Southern California so I suspect the bulk of the sorting and mailing my happen in the winter.

In addition to the handful of packages since we got settled in Kansas, I have acquisitions from before my move to share as well.  I am so behind that I most likely will never empty out by Blog Stuff scanned card folder but I will probably try.

I haven't been completely absent from the hobby over the last 5 months but I am behind in picking up Giants from some of the newer releases so hopefully a few trades my be in order.  With my limited time due to the new job and relocation some of my purchases have shifted from larger quantity purchases to some higher dollar cards that have gotten me excited and hopefully make for a few good posts.

In the spirit of some of the those higher dollar purchases I thought I would share a pretty awesome card I picked up a couple months back:

I was able to secure this 1954 Topps Willie Mays, instantly one of my favorite cards in my collection.  While it isn't in mint condition, it looks pretty darn nice.  It has some staining on the front but this is in far better condition than I ever thought I could manage, assuming I could even get one of these into my collection.

Here is the back of the card with a cool Inside Baseball comic highlighting "one of the greatest plays in Giant history".  If you look it is talking about a catch back in 1951 that sounds pretty familiar to the one he would make in the 1954 World Series that is considered his most famous catch - we have all see it dozens of times.

This Mays completed my 1954 Topps team set so in my typical fashion, I will show the entire team set off:

 I am excited to be back, happy collecting!


  1. That Mays and the rest of those 54 Topps cards are beautiful. Glad to see you back and glad the move went smoothly.

  2. Even if it means having to see Giants I'm glad you're back to blogging.

  3. That is one heck of a team set to complete!

  4. That is one pretty '54 Mays! Nice way to make a re-entrance into blogging for sure.
    I had a friend who resided in Wichita for a spell. You may want to spend your monthly card show funds on a new winter coat!

  5. I'm glad you're back. You have been missed -- definitely -- and that 1954 team set is a fantastic comeback.

  6. good to see you settled and back at it! and don't forget about us non-#supertraders!

  7. better late than never. Welcome back, and Wow!