Tuesday, September 6, 2016

1980 Exhibit Reprints

I recently scored a new addition to my Giants collection for a quarter plus shipping via a Sportlots auction. 

I had a few Exhibit cards in my collection at one point but I am not sure where they are today.  This card is a little different in that it is pretty thin (the card not the player).  Doing a little bit of research on this card on Beckett.com I found this description of the set:
Noted long-time dealer Paul Marchant bought out the rights to use the exhibit name in 1980. He then issued this set, which measured the same size as the original exhibits to honor various Hall of Famers. This set was very noticeably marked as a "reprint" so there would be no confusion with the original cards. According to the manufacturer, 10,000 of these sets were produced.
These are post card sized cards with a blank cardboard back.  The set consists of 32 HOFers and this is one of 3 Giants - I need to still track down the Carl Hubbell and Mel Ott to complete my team set.  This picture makes me think I was born a couple generations too late to be a Major League ball player as Mr. Bresnahan's physique matches up to mine fairly well.