Friday, September 9, 2016

Working on My 1971 Topps Set

I have been trying to chip away at my want lists for 1971 and 1972 Topps for a couple years now.  The 1972 set is proving to be quite difficult to track down any high number cards at bargain prices so I have decided to do some work on the 1971 set.  It is the set from the year of my birth so I would really like to get it completed before too long.  I thought I would share some recent pick ups.

First up is a quad of cards that arrived in a medium sized flat rate box from John at Johnny's Trading Spot.  John sent this monster box of cards prior to my move and I didn't have time to sort them until after the move.  He packed these 4 1971 Topps cards in with a few player collection cards and a ton of Giants cards into 2 small flat rate boxes.  He then packed 4 more boxes of cards for me to use to send out to super traders.  When I get around to putting together some packages of cards, I guess I can start with those.

Recently I saw an eBay seller doing a card by card set break and decided to throw down some $3ish bids on about 2 dozen of the cards I needed in the set.  I ended up winning 6 of the cards, wish it was a few more but these high number cards command a decent price.  Until I get closer to finishing up the set I will seek out bargains like these and not overpay.

Finally I scored the big one!  I mentioned a few posts back that during my travels back and forth for the new job I tried to go for quality over quantity in my purchases and this was definitely a quality pick up:

The card is obviously not in mint condition but definitely in good enough condition for the set I am putting together.  I feel really good with the lack of creases and just the rounded and rough corners and for less than the price of a blaster I was happy to knock off the most valuable card in the set.

So my current status on this set is as follows:
- 3 cards in my account at COMC waiting for me to get them shipped
- 35 Series 3 cards left including HOFers Harmon Killebrew, Tony Perez, Willie Mays, Orlando Cepeda, Leo Durocher, Roberto Clemente and Frank Robinson
- 44 Series 4 high number cards with all but 8 being listed as SPs.  I need HOFer managers Sparky Anderson and Dick Williams along with star cards of Dick Allen, Boog Powell, Dusty Baker/Don Baylor RC and Denny McClain.

I have some bigger cards to still track down but I feel like the set is within reach with under 80 cards to go.  I am not close enough to do a fast break blitz on the cards I need but I do think I will try to pick off some of the star cards before year end and make sure to put this to rest in 2017.

I just won a new auction that will start a new project that I will share when it arrives.  The 1972 set has me so frustrated I may put it to the side for a while and work on the new project.  Stay tuned.



  2. Are your 71 and 72 wantlists current? I've got some cards that you need - including a 71 Perez. Email me your new address, I think I have your old one.

  3. I finished both the 71 and 72 set a couple of years ago. The high numbers in both are challenging. The 72 set is very daunting