Saturday, April 15, 2017

COMC Giants New and Old - March

More from my March COMC order with free shipping courtesy of my Black Friday scratchers.  This post focuses on my team, the Giants.  I tried to fill some gaps in my 2016 collection and also from a few past years going back to the early 2000s.

First up is a group of cards that are almost all parallels, the Mays MVP mini being the exception.  I bid on a lot of those MVP minis a ways back and if I would have won it I would have gone after the set.  For now that is on the back burner. 

The 3 blue framed Gypsy Queen cards finished off my team set of 6 - always a fan of the framed Gypsy Queens and miss them in this years release.  Speaking of things missing from this year's Gypsy Queen, I also picked up 2 minis.  The Marichal is a higher number short print and I am now just missing the Mays for the Giants team set. 

The Matt Duffy is the "42" parallel featuring Matt with his Jackie Robinson day jersey. Today is the MLB Jackie Robinson day I believe and, even though he was a Dodger, I appreciate the impact he made on baseball (and the world) and am glad MLB does so much to celebrate his impact.  The Cain is a sapphire parallel and is limited to 250 copies.  There was a team set for sale but it was too rich for my blood so I decided to get a representative sample for my collection.  The Suarez is a rainbow parallel and inched me closer to the team set which is now complete.

This group contains all inserts.  The Brandon Crawford Elite is a crazy looking card and I am glad to see the All-Star SS getting a little cardboard love.  Johnny Cueto, who has started off great at 3-0 has two inserts - one from Donruss Optic (a really nice set that I haven't seen too much about) and one highlighting his All Star Game appearance what I believe was a retail only insert.  Buster Posey is featured 3 times with an Archive insert, a Topps Bunt insert and a Duo insert that he shares with 2B Joe Panik.  I am hoping Buster bounce back from his bean ball in a couple days and Panik bounces back from a tough, injury-riddled 2016.  We need them both at the top of their games to compete.

The final 2016 cards are these high enders.  The 5 Triple Threads cards are the Giants team set, nice to pick them all up in one order.  The Tribute Posey finished off the team set of 4 cards.  These Immaculate cards are considered the base cards and are numbered to 99.  I have also picked up the Bumgarner but have some legends to pick up to complete this team set - Mel Ott and George Kelly - and some current players - Joe Panik and Hunter Pence.  I fear this is one that won't get completed.

I continue my quest to pick up all the Topps Gold parallels.  Four of these six feature The Freak, Tim Lincecum.  His cards still seem to be priced as if he was still a Cy Young level pitcher.  I don't think he has signed with anyone after a failed attempt with the Angels last year.  I feel bad for the guy, he was so good then just lost it.

I also found 5 from 2007 Topps including the Lincecum rookie.  I don't have a running list of just my Gold needs but despite picking up a ton over the past few months, I still have a ways to go.

I have expressed my appreciation for Panini's Hall of Fame release from 2014 and decided to finish off the Giants base Crusade team set with these pick ups.  I already have an Ott Dominator for my set quest and now have one for my Giants binder.

My final group of cards to share are these parallels from Panini's first Cooperstown release.  As I was looking for cards for this order, I decided to see if there were any of these to pick up.  This set is one of my favorite releases ever and I was glad to get 8 new parallels for my team binder.

Just a couple more posts to finish off this COMC order.

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  1. Nice inserts and as I just commented somewhere else Cooperstown does logo-less best.