Friday, April 7, 2017

More 1971 Topps Progress

I am inching closer and closer to putting this one to rest. My quest to finish up my birth year set of 1971 Topps just got 5 steps closer over the last 2 days.  I have yet to fold and overpay (from my perspective) for any cards which tends to be my style as I get close to finishing sets.  Practicing patience isn't my strong suit.

I haven't set up eBay searches and email notifications for all my needs yet but every few days I do some searches to see if I can find some reasonably priced high numbers.  One seller had 4 of my needs at $2 each and I had to jump.  The condition is right where many of the cards in the set are and combined shipping made me a happy collector.  Here are the 4:

The Ike Brown is pretty off center but overall I was very happy with the condition, it is rare to find cards in much worse condition for only 2 buck.

 When I was doing my recent searches, there were 3 cards if figured would go for the highest amount, Rich Allen, Dusty Baker/Don Baylor RC and Denny McClain.  They all seem to go for quite a bit.  I was pleasantly surprised to find a copy of the Allen in reasonably good shape for under $10 delivered and I jumped at it.

 With these 5 cards, my want list is down to 14 cards with 1 incoming.  The last 13 are from the high number series and are short printed.  I am going to try and test my patience and keep on the look out for good prices because I have some heavy hitters to go after for my 1969 set and a ridiculous number of pricey high numbers for my 1972 set.

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