Tuesday, May 9, 2017

COMC Big and Small - March

I have been on radio silence for over two weeks now so I thought I better knock out a quick post to make sure everyone knows I am still around.  Work and personal life have thrown me a couple curveballs lately, got the work one under control and still working through the personal one.  I really want to jump in on the 30 challenge that has been floating around but need some time to pull and scan some cards to make that happen - we'll see.  In the meantime, I thought I would share my biggest and smallest cards from my March COMC order.

I scored a nice 5X7 of Willie McCovey from the 2016 Topps Archives set.  As a team collector, I am not a fan that Topps has decided to put out these 5X7 and 8X10s of virtually every base and insert card but as a player collector I have had some fun picking some up.  This is the standard version numbered 31/49, there is a gold /10 as well.  But the biggest score of this shipment is another addition to the T206 Club collection, my second different card from Mike Donlin.

Here is a nice, up close look at this 100+ year old card - still looks great to me.

I have one more post from this shipment, prepare for some vintage cards and Giants hits.  Hoping I find the time sooner rather than later, Happy Collecting!


  1. I love anything McCovey but that Donlin? What a card to score! Good to see you here! Hang in there Adam!!

  2. Nice McCovey card...and that tobacco card...WOW!

  3. I enjoyed the novelty of those 5x7's when Topps started producing them, but the luster has worn off and I'm no longer scouring to pick up every Athletic or Padre they produce. T206's will always have a place in my collection. Never heard of Donlin, but that's not shocking since he played over 100 years ago. Awesome card!

    Glad to hear everything is good on the work front. Hope everything works out okay on the personal level.