Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Returns From the Purge - Too Many Verlanders

Another super cool return package for my purge a couple months back.  This is the second package where the cards took a back seat to the other items included in the package after the cool bat from Waiting 'til Next Year.  This time Dennis from Too Many Verlanders set me up nicely.

There were some cards and they were inserted into a Pinnacle can.  I also got a Juan Marichal Cooperstown figurine.  It was still in its packaging along with a card but I decided to free it from the cardboard and plastic.

Here are some of the card highlights, all new to my collection.  The Marichal card is the one that came with the figurine.

In addition to the Giants, Dennis also hooked me up with some great USC Trojan cards.

The final regular sized cards I will show in this post.  I almost passed right by these Charles Barkley cards and put them into my duplicate stack.  I was fairly certain I have all of Sir Charles Collector's Choice cards but I decided to flip them over and was surprised with some non-English writing.  Sweet - European parallels that are new to my collection!

So I hinted at the cards not being the star of the show and here is why.  Some great older baseball magazines featuring the best player of my lifetime - Barry Bonds!

Here are 6 Beckett magazines also featuring Barry with a Willie Mays cameo.

Finally a Matt Williams Beckett, a Patrick Ewing Georgetown SI and a 8X10 card of Barry Bonds from 1997 Studio - a need for my Giants collection.

I really enjoy looking through old Becketts and magazines.  I have a nice stack of ones I have kept through the years and I believe only one of these is a dup.  Thanks Dennis for this awesome package, you have gifted me hours of enjoyment with the magazines to thumb through!


  1. Those are the German edition of 95-96 Collectors Choice. Very cool.

  2. Great stuff. Dennis's Becketts provided me with a few months worth of entertainment.

  3. Nice additions. The Becketts Dennis sent me were great to look through as well and bring back the good times

  4. Glad you liked your stuff. I actually didn't realize those Barkley cards were German--nice catch, Adam and Trevor.

  5. That's a sampling of what my collection used to be: cards, SLUs, oddball memorabilia (I had a dozen of those Pinnacle cans) and way too many magazines. Great stuff!