Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Card Show Haul

There is one local card show that I know of in the KC area and it takes place 5-6 times per year.  It is at a local hotel and has just a few dealers but I try to check it out as often as my schedule permits.

Last Saturday after my daughter's soccer game, I grabbed my 12 year old son and headed to the show, it is less than 15 minutes from my house.  I thought I would share most of my haul here, holding a couple cards back for future posts.

The last couple times I picked up mainly vintage cards and I went a little more modern on this trip. Right when I walked in the door there were several boxes with top loaded hits that I hadn't seen before on this dealer's table and my son and I thumbed through most of the boxes and I found a few cards for my collection.

These first two cards are for one of my player collections.  I would characterize my pursuit of his cards as somewhat passive.  I have done a decent job of picking up Fred Lynn cards from his playing days but need a ton of his modern releases.  Lynn went to USC, my alma mater and I remember him fondly from his All-Star Game grand slam (even though it was against the Giants) and the tales I read about his amazing ROY and MVP rookie season. I was really happy to pick these up.

Next up is a trio of retired Giants.  All 3 guys only played a portion of their careers for the Orange and Black and only Mitchell is probably best remembered for his tenure with the Giants.  Even thought the Lofton features him in a Sox uniform, there is a Giants logo on the card and therefore into my collection it goes.  I was really happy to see the Dunston Auto as a Giant, hadn't seen this card before.  I have a different parallel of this Mitchell and this gold one looks much better than the one I already had.  Interestingly,  I have a pretty extensive checklist but only the Mitchell was on my list of wants. 

The last 2 cards are from this year and I picked them up more for how nice they looked as the player selection isn't great.  Both Shaw and Garcia are fringe major leaguers in my opinion and I doubt these rookie cards will ever soar in value but the green Finest refractor looks cool and I like the patch on the Garcia card.

My next pick ups came from a dime box and I ended up getting them all for $4 which was under a dime a piece:

I picked up this stack of 37 Baseball All-Time Greats.  I have a few cards from this set but I have been on an oddball kick as of late and thought this may be a set to go after one day so this should be a good start.

I also got 6 of these Baseball Immortals - again an oddball set I wouldn't mind pursuing some day.  I love the color on these cards.

There is a dealer who brings tons of hits in each show.  He is a very nice guy and just does some buying and selling on the side and usually has his son with him.  I have combed through his boxes a few times but he had one box that had mostly newer cards and I picked out these 4 autos:

The 3 guys on the Bowman cards are all considered solid prospects in the Giants system but I picked them up as I usually try and get as many of the base autos as I can for my collection.

The final card from this dealer is this Buster Posey relic from 2019 Topps Heritage.  I was pretty sure I had this card but thought it could go to my son if it was a dup.  It ended up being a duplicate but my son has been a butthead to him mom for the last few days so he won't get the card until he has a solid stint of good behavior.

My final pickup of the show was on my way out and my favorite one by far:

I just love this card!  It is a sweet jersey swatch from former Giants manager and HOFer John McGraw from 2016 Panini Flawless - a very high end product.  The jersey piece has a cool pinstripe and I don't think the lack of logos detracts much with the old timer uniform.  I believe this is my first McGraw relic and it is a great add to my collection.

Not an epic card show haul but it was a fun 90 minutes to spend with my son and add some nice cards to my collection.


  1. Wow on the McGraw! Very cool other stuff, especially the Hygrades, and I wasn't expecting to see Lynn on a Tigers relic.

  2. Love Lofton in a Sox uni, but on a Giants card. Poor guy must have lived out of a traveling van.

  3. That McGraw is fantastic, congrats on all the great pick-ups!

  4. Looks like a fun show! As indifferent as I am towards jersey cards these days, that McGraw is definitely fantastic. I still love the look (and feel) of those really old swatches of flannel.

  5. Great way to bond with your son. Love the Posey and McGraw jersey cards!

  6. Interesting how Garcia's signature has deteriorated. He sent me back a TTM last month that looks *nothing* like either of those too.