Friday, September 6, 2019

A New Non-Card and Non-Sports Mini Collection

I am well aware that I collect too many things and my wife is quick to remind me.  I must have a genetic mutation that encourages me to seek out different things to collect.  I usually just share my card and sports collecting here but I have also been a long time US Stamp collector and I also collect Sports books and books of a couple of my favorite authors.  My sports collecting will at times spread to magazines and other pieces of sports memorabilia as well.

I have given thought to but have yet to pursue collecting some items from some of my favorite pop culture genres, Star Wars and Super Heroes.  Well that changed a couple weeks back.  I was watching videos of You Tubers who had attended the National (living vicariously through them and drooling over their purchases) and ran across a guy that had a unique collection hanging on the wall of his card room.  He had a copy of every Marvel comic from the month & year he was born.

I thought this would be a relatively small and achievable collection to go after and I am a big Marvel fan.  I did some searching and found out that there were 22 Marvel comics issues in March of 1971.  In looking through the list, they all aren't Super Hero Titles but the completionist in me decided to go after all 22.  I haven't searched out all of them yet but I don't think there are any crazy priced ones in the group.

As I started to search I had some decisions to make, mainly around the quality of the comics and whether or not I wanted them graded.  I decided to go after non-graded copies because I want a chance to read them and I am not buying them for investment purposes.  In looking at prices of the first few, I decided to seek out ones in solid but not great shape trying to avoid any paper loss and massive amounts of creasing that would detract from the beauty of the cover.

To date, I have picked up 4 comics and I thought I would share them here today:

 The first one I received was The Hulk.  Pretty cool cover with what looks like a dead Hulk floating through space.  I am guessing he finds a way to survive.

 The second comic I received as The Ringo Kid.  This is a title I hadn't heard of and is a Western themed comic. I am pretty interested in digging into this one.

The third one I received was this The Mighty Thor comic.  This looks like another cover that teases the death of a Super Hero.

Finally, my fourth and most recent acquisition was the The Avengers comic.  I love the artistry on this comic and it features four of the five Avengers, this is probably my favorite cover to date.

I plan on seeking out one or two new ones per month until I finish off the collection and haven't ruled out a DC comic run as a next collection yet.

Any of you out there comic collectors and if so any words of advice?


  1. Cool idea for a collection!

    The Brain-Child sure looks to me like a rip-off of Hector Hammond.

  2. I really like that idea. I’ve read comics from time to time, but this is really unique and I think would be a fun chase.

  3. I started this project a few years ago, but it's kinda stalled. I think I only managed to grab two so far:

    Best of luck though on your collection. Maybe I'll head over to eBay and see if I can add a few more to my collection.

  4. That's a cool idea for a mini collection. Most of my comics are from a few years later than your date. Would be curious to see what was being published in January of '67...

  5. I remember seeing something about somebody doing this in the early 2000's, thought it was kind of neat at the time, maybe even something that I'd think about doing, but then I saw that were like 50 comics from my birth month, and figured that that might be a little bit too much of a project for me... still a fun idea though!