Tuesday, May 5, 2020

A 2020 Rainbow

When I decided to pare back on my 2020 set collections I decided to dive a little into my Giants collection.  I want to try to pick up at least one of each parallel throughout the year and when 2020 Donruss came out I decided to try to go after a rainbow of one player.  I looked through the checklist and decided Maricio Dubon would be the guy.  He was acquired by the Giants midyear last year in a trade for Drew Pomeranz and plays 2B and SS.  This spring the Giants were trying him out in CF and were projecting him to be an almost every day player at a variety of positions.  The team brass and many of the guys that cover the Giants are very high on him and I was pretty excited to see how the season panned out.  Their excited translated to me and I hope I get to see him in action this year.

I am cheating a bit as I am one parallel short of completing a full rainbow plus I haven't secured a 1/1 press plate yet.  I have yet to see a Press Proof /5 come up for sale for Dubon and I decided not to wait on one to show these off.

The first scan shows off the base card, an Artist's Proof  04/10, a Baby Shark and a Career Stat Line 231/434.  This picture works out well without the licensing, nice selection.  The silly parallels like a Baby Shark actually made me want to pursue this rainbow.

These are Holo Blue, Holo Orange, Holo Purple and Holo Red - a true rainbow of colors.

This quad has an Independence Day, Look At This 23/25, Holo Pink and On Fire 28/75.

Finally One Hundred 085/100, Presidential Collection 30/50, Season Stat Line 083/106 and Yellow.  I had to overpay for the last one which was the Presidential Collection.  I missed the first one that popped up and ended up paying more than the price of a blast for this one.  The Yellow one was tough to track down I think they are Walgreen's exclusives.

I am thinking of going after a Topps Chrome rainbow this year as well, just need to figure out which player.


  1. That baby shark parallel sure is something! Great looking rainbow you've got here--hope you're able to track down a printing plate soon.

  2. Dubon was once an up-and-coming prospect for the Red Sox. I wish him much success, but his career makes the ill-advised Travis Shaw/Tyler Thornburg trade that much worse for Boston.

  3. Congratulations! That's quite the accomplishment. Best of luck on tracking down a plate and the Press Proof.

  4. Wow beautiful rainbow going there! A Topps Chrome one would be fun to see too, good luck!