Friday, May 1, 2020

The Joy of a Completed Insert Set - 2017 Topps Update Heroes of Autumn

From 2006 to 2019 I collected not only the Topps Flagship and Update base sets but went after most of the insert cards.  I didn't try and track down all the relics and auto but the normal base cards were typically in my sight.

If the inserts were released in hobby packs, I wanted to collect them all.  With respect to the retail only inserts that started coming out in Target and Walmart packs I would pick and choose.  For example, I see no reason to add a 20-30 card insert set of a single player like Rhys Hoskins or Ronald Acuna Jr. - both solid players but not in my collecting wheelhouse.  If they end up doing a 30 card Buster Posey retail insert set I will be all over it.

As I look back there are a couple retail insert sets that come to mind that I regret not completing, the 1st HR cards of 2015 and the MLB Debut cards of 2016 come to mind.  I am sure I have a few laying around and I suspect on some rainy day I will dig them up, look at the checklist and create a want list.

Yesterday I got a card in the mail that finished off the 2017 Topps Update Heroes of Autumn insert set.  It is a 25 card set that  was released in retail packs but I couldn't find any info on if there was store exclusivity or what the insertion rate way.  I can tell you that these don't seem to be plentiful on the open market and are not each to track down.

Quests to complete sets like this one are fun at times but I think the growing number of insert sets and the increasing costs of the hot rookies that seem to be included in each set are the top drivers that resulted in a stop to my insert card collection in 2020. I will spend my time and resources going backwards all the way to the 80s All-Star Glossy sets and start dabbling in the vintage inserts from Topps.

Anyway, how about a look at this entire set.  I really enjoy the subject matter, I love celebrating the history of baseball and the heroes of the playoff season are certainly worthy of some attention.  Here is the 25 card set in its entirety:

I enjoy this design, an action photo of each player takes center stage and is the star of the card.  The border features some leaf silhouettes which fits nicely with the theme and the misty transition to the border works for me.  The scans make the names a bit hard to read but they look fine in hand.  From a player selection point you could certainly argue for players to be added like Joe Carter and Bill Mazeroski but the only one I don't see as fitting in great is Anthony Rizzo.  I am guessing they wanted to include a Cub since they had won the year before.

Here is an example of the back.  I am sharing George Brett as he is the card I got yesterday to finish off the set:

Finishing off this set clears off my want list back to 2011 with the exception of a few 2019 Update inserts that will eventually get here from COMC.  I have about 9 Walmart Exclusive Blue Back inserts from 2010 on my want list and if I ever track those down I will be done back to 2006.


  1. I completely forgot about this insert set. It's truly a great looking set, congrats!

  2. This set is new to me! It's definitely an attractive one, and I see a few cards that I'll have keep an eye out for.

  3. Congratulations on completing this set. I might have track down that Luis Gonzalez card. I'm sure it mentions one of my favorite World Series moments. If I ever acquire it... I'd probably leave it on my desktop. Seeing it would bring a smile to my face when I'm having a bad day.