Monday, November 26, 2012

Conlon Collection Series 2 Box Break - Pack 2

If you are interested in seeing the first pack and how I acquired this box, check back to this post.

Pack 2

2 more Cardinals celebrating their centennial and another 2 No-Hitters.  We also have another Everyday Hero, Great Stories, and a couple trivia cards.  Not only were they all new cards without duplicates but the card numbers for each card are one prior to the card numbers from the prior pack.  Making me feel good about finishing the set.

Series completion - 30/330
Duplicates - 0
Giants in this Pack - 1 (Davis)
Total Giants - 2
HOFers in this Pack - 4 (Rice, Feller, Frisch, Greenberg)
Total HOFers - 10

Favorite Card Front:

Great bullpen warmup shot.  You see the lefty in full follow through and of course the card back states his nickname was Lefty.  You have a couple of bullpen mates hanging in the background which is cool as well but what put this card over the top for me is the old school glove.  How did they play with gloves like those.  Fred’s card back states he was a fine fielder who had a stretch of 147 chances without an error over 6 season.

Favorite New Facts Learned:
Ripper Collins card back:

Here is a player that is too good to be someone I haven’t heard of.  The card back shares his contributions to the Gas House Gang teams including 2 amazing years in 1934 and 1935.  He also has a great nickname of Ripper.  I need to get a book on the Gas House Gang and brush up, this is someone I should know more about.

Johnny Bassler card back:

Plate discipline and avoiding strike outs for a hitter are a lost art.  Check out Johnny Bassler, he struck out only 81 times in his entire career.  He played in 811 games, so once every 10 games.  There are players today who strike out more than once per game.  Interestingly enough, Bassler started his career in 1913 only to miss 6 years from 1915 - 1920 to return as an All-Star caliber player and MVP candidate.

Al Wingo card back:

I would have never imagined a player could have the lowest batting average in a team’s outfield while hitting .370!


  1. I'm really digging these cards. I may have to try to find a box for myself.

    I know Conlon had a ton of pictures to choose from and it's a little disappointing for me to see such a sad looking Hank Greenberg. Looks as though someone just told him his dog died.

    What's the story behind Kiddo Davis' first name? Is it explained on the back of his card?

  2. I had the same thoughts on Greenberg, he looks very sad.

    No story on the back of Kiddo's card about the nickname. It just says he had a first-rate rookie year in 1932. He was born in 1902 so maybe being a 30 year old rookie had something to do with it - kinda like calling the skinny kid fatso?