Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How Big Is My Giants Collection?

For those of you that have looked at my want list, you know that it is fairly extensive and pretty detailed.  I have a spreadsheet that has a page for each year's cards that I copied from Beckett.com and have added to it as I have found errors or missing cards/sets.  Whenever I get new cards I mark an "X" by it on my checklist and update my Blog Want List.

Recently I bought a deck of cards that were put out in 1994 that feature Giants on each of the cards.  This added 52 cards to my Giants collection and got me thinking about how many cards I have in my Giants collection.

While I keep a fairly meticulous listing of my cards I had never taken the time to add up the total number so it was time to break out a new spreadsheet and do a tally by year.  At the forefront of my mind was curiosity around whether or not my Giants collection has surpassed my USC Trojans football collection.  My USC collection has taken a back seat the last couple years and totals 11,515 cards.  My SC collection is in boxes whereas my Giants collection is in binders and pages so it is hard to compare.

So lets start with a breakdown by decade:

1930s - 4
1940s - 11
1950s - 187
1960s - 415
1970s - 581
1980s - 1687
1990s - 3335
2000s - 3735
2010s - 1802

This gives me a grand total of 11,757 Giants cards.  I probably just passed the USC collection within the past month and this deck of cards may have put me over the top, pretty crazy.

I know there are a lot of team collectors out there.  How big are your collections?


  1. I wrote about that here:


    I guess-timated I had 10,615 Dodgers then. I have no idea how many I've acquired since. A thousand or so?

  2. I'm a little behind you with my Cubs.....10,964

  3. I estimate have about the same as you and Greg. I don't have the time or energy to go through and count them all. I have a 5000 card box and a 3000 count box that are both full. I also have about 20 binders of Red Sox most of which are 5" or 6". I do only use the pages as 9 cards rather than 18 though.

    Now that does not count my doubles. On top of the above Red Sox I have a monster box that is 3/4 of the way full of doubles. Also when I moved to AZ I sold off two 5000 count boxes and a couple smaller boxes of Red Sox doubles.

    I have a feeling that, if they comment, the two Davids (Cardboard Junkie and Tribe Cards) and Steve (White Sox Cards) are going to make our team collections look small.

  4. Still need to find the time to actually put my cards into a proper spreadsheet, would be awesome to know exactly what I have !!

  5. Indian collection 28-30 binders 2-3 " 10-13,000. Actually in process of counting. 5k box of hof'ers (with dupes). About 130,000 cards to trade.