Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Virtual Dime Box

I was once a very active trader on Sports Card Forum and a few bloggers including me have shared how much better trading is through the blogging community.  Traders on SCF are driven almost solely on Beckett Book Value.  Sometimes there is a differentiation between Hits (GU & Autos) and Inserts/Parallels/Base, and multicolored patches seem to be traded at a premium, but for the most part the trading is done by BV down the dollar or even closer.

My SCF involvement is down to the occasional viewing of a Box Break of a new product and seeing if there are any good sales going on.  A few weeks back I ran into a seller who had a long list of cards for sale for a dime each - a virtual dime box.  My favorite sellers sort by team but these were listed alphabetically by player first name so it took a little digging and some references to my want list but I was very happy with the haul.

Here are the cards I got in the virtual dime box:
 These are some base cards I received.  The Pedro Feliz has me stumped.  It looks like a regular base 2004 UD card but it is card #200.  I already have card 200 and it is Barry Bons.  Feliz doesn't appear on the checklist of the set and I cannot locate any card of his that is number 200.  Very puzzling.  The rest of these are random base card needs, particularly happy with picking up the Will Clark and Barry Bonds for a dime each.
 These are some inserts mixed in with a Bobby Bonds Action Packed card.  I was happy to find the Bobby Bonds card as the only card for that set on my checklist was Willie Mays which I already had.  Always nice to update the checklist.  Loving the quad card with the Mays reprinted on it, another card that I wasn't aware of. Overall a great group of 9 cards under a buck.
 I also scored this cool poster of The Dominican Dandy, Juan Marichal. Check out that high leg kick!  It is amazing he didn't fall over and I am sure it resulted in quite a bit of deception for the hitter.  This is the size of 4 card so it will probably remain folded up in a 9-pocket page but I have this scan to admire it whenever I want.

 These cards are all various parallels. I would have to say the Pablo Sandoval is my favorite in the group followed by the Rich Aurilia.  The Aurilia card is very thick with a nice gold script signature along the bottom.

 These are some miscellaneous cards.  Not a huge fan of the Blue Jays clad Jose Cruz but the team says Giants and it is the sample version of the card.  The John Burkett sparkly in the center is the highlight from an aesthetic standpoint, I love those Pacific Prism cards.  I would enjoy some of their creativity returning to the marketplace.  It was nice picking up a couple Bazooka minis and a Panini sticker in the group as well.

These are all long ago retired players and I was happy to score all of these for a dime each - great value!  I am a big fan of the inaugural Greats of the Game release and recall buying a box back when it came out.  I remember pulling a Darrell Evans auto in a Giants uni and being pretty excited.  All of these cards have a great look in their own way.  The two similar looking cards along the bottom are variations. I normally may not seek out both copies but the same seller had both for a dime a piece so why not?  I have mentioned a couple times that I am a Conlon Collection fan.  Need to see if there are still affordable boxes of this stuff out there.
Finally my favorite card of the batch.  This is a foldout card and very tiny - the size of a Cracker Jack prize.  I had never seen these and they didn't appear on my checklist.  From the checklist in the card, I think I have a couple more Giants to track down.  This is a pretty cool little card with a decent bio split between two pages in the booklet and his career stats to go along with the picture.  Obviously this is an unlicensed product with the airbrushed hat but I am happy to have it as part of my collection.

Haven't run across too many dime boxes, the best I have seen at local shops is a quarter box. However, I am happy to have discovered this virtual one and took the time to "dig" through it.


  1. Nice pickups!

    I think I actually bought from this safe seller on a different forum a few months ago:

    I remember he had those Cracker Jack cards on his list, although I didn't buy them.

    Love that Marichal "poster", I've got that one as well.

  2. Nice work. Great finds. I've often thought about trying to trade on SCF, so it's good to hear that we do it better around her.