Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Group Break - My Cardboard Mistress

It was a little crazy at the arpsmith household last night so I didn't get a chance to random the winner for last week's contest or put together a new contest post.  Hopefully later today or early tomorrow on that but I did want to share the results of a group break I entered recently.

Spankee over at My Cardboard Mistress had a unique group break a few weeks back.  As I recall, he had quite a few random packs, blasters and boxes, some of which had been opened and stashed and he decided to break them up by team and sell them off in a group break. At first I wasn't too interested, I already had quite a few of the Giants from the sets he was offering.  Knowing that I am one of the few Giants fans in the blog world, he pestered me a little and I finally decided to jump in and participate.

I got a pretty large stack of dups as expected but did score some nice cards to add to the Giants collection.  He also threw in a hit as the break didn't result in any Giants hits.  I was very happy to pick up the cards I did and glad to have participated in the break.

 Here is a random assortment of cards if I do say so.  The Milner is a card I never would have known existed if it didn't pop up in this batch of cards.  This card alone almost made the break worthwhile. I was also happy to score the Schmidt silver parallel - I have very few Giants parallels from this Fleer set.  The Kevin Mitchell is an awesome numbered insert from a great sets - Upper Deck Classics.  The three guys along the bottom were pretty new to me. Not big names but great additions to the Giants collection.
 Here is a quad of 4 more very nice cards.  2 new Bowman Platinum cards including a top prospect and the Kung Fu Panda.  I also scored a very nice Bonds Gold Label - this card looks amazing in person.  The Bowman Chrome Sandoval is a refractor and is bowed like crazy but it will go in a 9-pocket page quite nicely.
 There was a draft for cards that didn't belong to a particular team and I had a pretty high draft spot and scored this Brett Favre card as a bonus.  Hoping to flip this in a trade.  I believe it is a short print and books for around $10.  Might need to hop on Sportlots and see what this can get me.
Finally the aforementioned hit that was toss in as an extra.  I didn't have this in my collection and very glad to score a relic from the Big Cat during his time on the Giants.  I scanned front and back to show how GU cards should be done - give us a photo of the actual relic that was used.

Thanks Spankee for talking me into the break, it was well worth it!


  1. Glad you are happy with the cards. That bat card is sweet. I'm glad you liked the back...I love the ones with the item shown on the back.

  2. Did my last e-mail make it to you?