Sunday, November 25, 2012

Trade Post - Baseball Dad

As you may remember, I bought a couple of boxes of Panini Triple Play and decided to put together the set.  After that post I got a note from Jack aka Baseball Dad from All Tribe Baseball with a bunch of my set needs.  I thought I would share the highlights of the package.
 These are all puzzle pieces, on the flip side is a puzzle when you put the 9 player cards together.  This group forms the biggest subset need on my want list and I was happy to add all of these.

 Here are some more puzzle pieces along with a Focus card of Joey Votto and a Hall of Fame card of Joe Morgan.   I really like the art work on all these cards but these HOF cards are my favorite in the set.  I still need a few of these as well and look forward to putting the entire subset together.  I am hoping if there is a 2013 release of this set that they will add more players.
 I was also able to pick up 5 stickers in this package. I have to admit that the stickers have been the most frustrating part of breaking these boxes.  Each box had multiples of the same stickers. I would have been nice to have better collation.  It was great to pick up 5 new ones from Baseball Dad.

 I also seem to be everyone's favorite dumping ground for Giants cards which I love!  Here are some of the Giants highlights I received in this package.

 These are a couple of Donruss Estrellas cards, these are always great to add as I didn't collect around this time and I have very few in my collection from this set.  I really like the look of these cards.
 Here are a couple Ultra Gold Medallion parallel cards.  Both are die cut, and the Aurilia is the first I have seen from this set.  Interesting choice of how the card was die cut, I guess it fits the geometric nameplate on the left side of the card.  I have a few from the AJ year but this one was new to me.  You will see my thoughts on Ultra when I share my 2013 collecting goals.

And finally one of the nicest cards in my collection. I shiny card showcasing Willie Mays' great catch in the 1954 World Series.  Last night I listened to an interview of Mays from back in 2001 put out by the Baseball HOF where Willie states that this was basically a fairly easy catch - sure Willie!  An of course with Baseball Dad being an Indians fan he included a hilarious note, I am hoping he still isn't having nightmares 58 years later.

Jack, thanks for the cards. For the life of me I cannot remember if I sent you a package in return.  Either way, I am working on some cards for you. I really appreciate the set help and extra Giants!

If anyone has an extra Triple Play cards, I am still short about 30 cards, 1 Eye Black insert and 12 Stickers from the set.

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  1. You are more than welcome! Your're kinda' on my "just send" list. When I receive a package,that isn't a specific trade, I like to send something in return. But, like a lot of the guys and gals, I know what most of you like and just send random packages now and then.