Sunday, November 4, 2012

Trade Post - Nachos Grande and Night Owl

I want to share the goods I received in a couple trades with two bloggers who have become fairly regular trading partners.

First up was a trade with Chris over at Nachos Grande.  Chris was lucky enough, wait let me rephrase that - I was lucky enough that Chris pulled the Giants as his second team in a group break.  He was kind enough to send me the goods.

This first group is the entire team set of Giants from 2000 Impact.  I was pretty happy to get these as I didn't have any before.  The coloring works quite well for the Giants, not sure if it changes for every team or not.  I find it interesting that all of them are wearing alternate black uniforms, I am guessing  all the photos came from the same game.  I am regretting the way I scanned these now because the best photo is sideways on Rich Aurilia's card.  Looks like a play at second base and since I don't see the ball, I am guessing the runner made it into second.
 The other box in the break was Topps Minis.  I resisted the urge to order a box of this off the Topps web site.  I did pick up a couple packs at my LCS (he bought some boxes to resell) and wasn't lucky enough to pull any Giants (very typical for me). Chris was able to send me over 8 different Giants including my most desired - the Willie McCovey Golden Moments mini!  This card is not in the Giants binder but going straight to the McCovey binders.

Thanks for another great trade Chris!

Next up is a trade with probably my most frequent trade partner, Greg at Night Owl.  In addition to running a great blog, Greg is one of the best traders I have run across. He does a nice job of hitting cards on want lists and I will just randomly get packages out of the blue.  I have gotten to the point where I just have a stack of cards on my desk that are headed his way and when it gets big enough or I need my desk clear, I package them off and away they go.

This trade was a huge help to my 2012 Ginter quest. I decided to collect all the regular sized inserts in addition to the base set. 

 My favorite cards in this insert set are the retired players so in this group Stan The Man and Cal Ripken stand out.  I was immediately attracted to this set when I opened my first pack and I am at the point now with this and some other trades where I am in need of 22 more cards.  Might be time to hit Sportlots and finish this one off as the Ginter trading has seemed to dry up.
 More Ginter insert goodness.  This group is dominated with retired players.  Several of these full names were ones I was already familiar with prior to getting these inserts.  Reggie, Ty, Mickey and Ozzie seem to have names that flow out of announcers mouths - how many times have you heard about Reginald Martinez Jackson in old time highlight reels?  I like how this insert set brought those memories back.  I also scored 2 of the Baseball Sketch cards, I love the Ozzie photo but Seaver's face is looking a little odd to me.   I am down to needing only 2 sketch cards to put this one to rest.

For the longest time I was on the fence about collecting the code/story cards.  They aren't numbered and are they truly an insert.  One trade package I got used a bunch of them for filler and they all happened to be ones I didn't already had so I decided to make a want list and bam Greg knocked a few off the list right way.  My want list is still long so I am not completely sure it was the right call but I will leave it up and hopefully whittle away at it. The Historical Turning Points is one of my favorite insert sets of the year and with these 2 I am down to needing 1 card to complete it.  I really enjoy reading about history so these are fun and educational!

Finally what would a trade with Night Owl be if he wasn't ridding himself of cards from my beloved and his most hated team, the Giants.  I haven't bought more than a pack or two of Bowman Platinum so adding these Giants is great.  The Patterson is a 90s Score card that I need and Greg always seems to track down mini Giants to include, all of which are greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the great trade Greg!  I have a small stack of cards getting ready to come back at you.

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  1. Always enjoy trading with a Giants fan -- for obvious reasons.

    Glad it always works out!