Friday, November 30, 2012

Trade Post - Nomo's Sushi Platter

Time to share the good from a recent trade from Michael over at Nomo's Sushi Platter, one of several Dodgers' fans I have the pleasure of trading with.  Luckily with me living in So Cal, I can typically refresh the Dodger trade bait fairly easily.  Michael also turned me onto a card shop up in the northern part of LA County that has been a favorite stop of mine when I head north for work.

This trade touched on just about all areas of my baseball collecting interest.  First, vintage sets with the 1973 card for my set:
 Yes it is a Dodger but it is a need for my set and helps with one of my 2013 collecting goals a little early - making significant progress on this 1973 set.  This is a nice spring training shot of Mr. Elbow Surgery with some sweet palm trees in the background and a random Dodger hanging in the background on the right side.  I am sure someone out there has figured out who it is but I don't have the eyes or Dodgers knowledge to figure it out.
I also scored some 2012 Topps Update insert help in the trade. Lots of collectors must be hanging onto these 1987 minis as they have been hard to come by in trade.  I was very happy to pick up a veteran and future star in this trade. I am surprised how much Pettitte just signed for, is he really still worth $10M a year?  While I was very impressed with the season Trout had, I am very happy Cabrera won the MVP.  A Triple Crown season and playoff appearance by the Tigers definitely earned him the honor in my book.   I also scored a card commemorating Johan Santana's.  I am a Santana fan and have him on my fantasy team but he has been quite frustrating with all the injuries.

Michael also tossed in a few Giants needs from years past.  I could have sworn I had the Bocock card but after checking it was a need.  The Mays is a shiny curled Chrome-like card and I was very impressed with myself that I could get it to scan so nicely.  I was very happy to get this Bobby Thomson card, it is one of only 2 in the UD Masterpieces set.  I really like that set but wish it had more Giant representation.

Finally I was able to pick up some 2012 Giants.  The Bowman Platinum cards are very nice looking and coupled with a Bumgarner I picked up earlier leaves me only a Tim Lincecum away from a team set.  I also scored 2 Buster Posey puzzle pieces towards my team set of Panini Triple Play.  Still need 3 more Buster's and once it is complete I will share the puzzle - bet you all can't wait for that!

Thanks for the great trade Michael!

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  1. Thanks for a nice trade post. Glad you liked the variety I mailed out to you.