Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Trade Post - Reader Jim aka mr haverkamp

Out of the blue during the playoffs I received an awesome package of cards from a reader named Jim. We have made a couple trades and he is fairly unique in that he is actually a reader of this blog who likes the Giants.

When I opened up the package, it started off great. Jim sent me these cards in hopes of generating some good karma to help the Giants get into the World Series and boy did it work!  I am pretty jealous because we have exchanged a couple emails and he got to attend the championship parade, I thought about dropping everything and heading north but it was quite possibly my busiest work week of the year.  Jim also sent me a link to some photos that I happened to miss, check out these double rainbow photos.  It was definitely a sign of great things to come.
Now onto the cards.  A majority of the package were these 1968 McLaughlin cards.  I love the look of these and only had 1 in my collection prior to getting this package.
 These first 3 showcase Giants World Series appearances vs. the A's.  Looks like we took 2 out of 3 of these.  You have to think that Christy Mathewson's 3 shut outs is one of the best feats ever in World Series play.  I laugh whenever I hear about the $100,000 infield, that is about what A-rod collects for every game he plays.
 Here are a couple World Series where the Giants didn't have the best of luck against the White Sox and Senators.  Finally in a rematch against the Senators, the Giants pull one out with Mel Ott leading the way.  Again, I am such a fan of the art work on these - fun, silly but just enough detail to really tell the story.
 Wow, 7 cards depicting World Series match ups between the Giants and Yankees.  The Giants didn't fare too well in a majority of them. Can you imagine what baseball was like back in those days with 3 baseball teams in one city and numerous World Series match ups pitting either the Dodgers or Giants against each other?  That would have been an amazing time to be a baseball fan.

 I am thinking someone should produce a new series of cards to catch up.  This year would definitely feature the Kung Fu Panda and his 3 HRs in Game 1.  Not exactly sure what the 2010 card would feature, probably the Beard and Posey's embrace at the end.

 Jim also included this cool Sportcaster card of the Giant's former home of Candlestick Park.  I don't recall going when they had the artificial turf as showcased in this card, they had changed it back to natural turf by the time I started going.  I do however believe that I sat in about this area for a Giants vs. Dodgers doubleheaders one year.  The Stick was old and nasty but I do miss it.
 I also received this Famous Feats cards which again showcases Mathewson's 3 shut outs.  This card is slightly over sized so I need to figure out how to story it but it is a very cool card.

 Finally the highlight of the package is the McCovey postcard.  I loved all the content but whenever you can add a new item to your collection of your favorite player it is a great day.  Now I just need to figure what the heck to send Jim back.

Thanks for a great trade Jim!


  1. Nice pickups! I love those McLoughlin cards.

  2. Here's how to tell the 3 different years of Fleer/Laughlin cards apart - 1968s are black and white (and fairly rare), 1970s have the designated year in a ball/circle, and the 1971s have the designated year in a square with the mlb logo. Loved these as a kid, would love to see them 'modernized' and since they're cartoons, the licensing shouldn't be too difficult to obtain.

  3. those WS cards are awesome, bro! what a nice batch.

    The 1911 Series matches up with Home Run Baker earning his nickname by being the only guy who could hit bombs off Mathewson.

    The candlestick park card is great too. when i was a kid - long before cable - tv always showed the Dodgers up at the stick in glorious black and white. Vin Scully talked about pop flys becoming adventures because of the swirling winds out there.

    i have a ticket stub from the last game played at the stick. i think i'll post that in ATBATT.

  4. Mr haverkamp puts together a nice card package for sure.