Friday, November 9, 2012

Trade Post - 30-Year Old Cardboard and Foul Bunt

I still continue with my epic quest to catch up on my trade posts.  I am getting closer and trading has settle down so I am hoping to be caught up in the next couple weeks.  I apologize to anyone whose trade I have delayed, nothing personal.  I typically look through my scans and post whatever inspires me.  Today I feel like sharing a couple trades that helped knock off some set needs.

First up is a trade with Brian from 30-Year Old Cardboard.  Brian is probably the most frequent poster in blogs I subscribe to and I really enjoy what he does.  I love how he attacks his player collections and I have one I have started in a similar fashion that I will be sharing soon.  He also does an interesting weekly Top 10 list that is enjoyable.

As mentioned, this trade helped me out with a set, in this case 2012 Topps Update.

 I am still working on the insert sets for 2012 Update after finishing Series 1 and Series 2.  Brian was able to help me with 3 Blockbuster inserts and 2 1987 Minis.  It is good seeing Albert Belle get a little love recently, he had a pretty impressive career.  I like the newspaper design on the Blockbuster inserts and was glad to see a new insert set in Update.
 I also picked up 4 new Golden Moments inserts, all from teams in the AL Central Division.  Seeing Verlander puts a smile on my face. It was a little frustrating hearing how Verlander was going to dominate the Giants prior to Game 1 and quite satisfying when they crushed him. If you cracked some Update, check out my insert want list and let's make a deal.
 Finally Brian included a nice Walmart blue border parallel of Giants reliever Javier Lopez.  This was the first of these from Update I added to my collection.  Thanks for the great trade Brian!  I hope you enjoyed the cards I sent you for your player collections.

Next up is a trade with William over at Foul Bunt.  We made this trade a little ways back but, while small in number of cards, it was very helpful in my attempt to build the 2012 Topps Chrome Set.  Here are the 3 cards William sent me:

I still need 11 cards if anyone has any help here is the list: 6    43  75   87    113    115    140    147     182    187    188.

William, thanks for the trade and sorry for the delay in the post.  I appreciate the set help! 

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  1. I'm extremely happy with my end of the trade as well. Thanks Adam!