Thursday, November 1, 2012

Wednesday Weekly Contest Winner(s)!

I am still working my way out of my celebratory stupor, I should be back on track with regular blog posts soon.

As you may recall, the contest was to predict the winner of the World Series, the number of games and the MVP.  The winner and games were awarded 2 points and the MVP 3 points.  Nobody swept the 3 questions but with Pablo Sandoval hitting 3 HRs in game 1, the MVP got pretty easy if you entered later in the contest so we actually had 4 people correctly pick the Giants as the winner and Kung Fu Panda as the MVP for a total of 5 points.

  1. Mark Kaz - 39 runs
  2. Ryan H - 41 runs
  3. madding - 51 runs
  4. Mariner1 - 42 runs
The tie breaker was total number of runs in the series.  It was pretty low scoring (at least for the Tigers) so the total number of runs was 22.  Therefore the winner is Mark Kaz, the owner of the blog This Way to the Clubhouse (who I actually made a recent trade with and owe him a trade post)!

As you might have seen in the blog title, I have decided to nominate a second winner - irondequoit36, owner of the blog Old Foul Cardboard.  While he only earned 4 points with the prediction of a Giants sweep, he was the only entry to have the confidence in my team plus he was only 3 runs off by predicting 19 total runs.

Congratulations to Mark Kaz and irondequoit36!!!  Let me know which prize you would like off the prize page.

Thanks for participation and check out this week's contest.

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