Thursday, November 8, 2012

Wednesday Weekly Contest - Winners and New Contest

Well look at that, the Wednesday contest is getting posted on Thursday - oops.  It has been a little busy around the Arpsmith household.  Work has been hectic and (now that I think about it, I don't think I have shared this on the blog) we are less than a month out from having baby #3 enter our family, my wife is due on December 3rd.  So please forgive any sporadic posting.

Last week's contest focused on our favorite second basemen. The top spot was not a surprise to me with the combination of Dodgers bloggers and the impact this man made, not only to the sports world but to our entire society.  Earning 5 votes as the bloggosphere's favorite second basemen is Jackie Robinson:

I have been waiting to find a good reason to show this card on the blog.  This is actually a Bob Lemke creation.  I bought several of his Giants and USC Trojan football cards a year or two back.

There was a tie for second place with 4 votes each for Ryne Sandberg and Jeff Kent:
Sorry for the terrible scan of the Sandberg card.  Both of these are for trade by the way.

So let's get to the all important results.  First up is our list of 25 entries:
 I randomed the list 3 times (only showing final screen shot to save some space) and here are the results:
The winner this week is Greg Zakwin of Plaschke, Thy Sweater Is Argyle fame. Interestingly enough, his list of top 2B included 2 of the 3 top vote getters.  Greg, send me your selection and I will get it out to you soon.

Hopefully you have made it this far because in addition to the results, this post will also be the launching of this week's contest.

This is a topic many have shared in their blogs in the past but I thought it would be interesting to see everyone's responses grouped together in one place.  Answer these 2 questions:

1. What year did you start collecting?
2. What is your favorite set of all time and why?

Feel free to link to a blog post if you have covered this already.  I will share my answers in the results post.

Once again I will random the list 3 times to determine a winner.  Thanks for playing!


  1. i think I really started collecting in 1991 since I remember opening a whole box of Donruss that year. 1991 Donruss is far from my favorite set, I think 2008 UD Masterpieces takes the cake there!

  2. I started in 1987, favorite set of all time is 1971 Topps, I still remember my Dad giving me his box of cards and seeing his pile of 71's including a Munson thinking what awesome cards they were, too bad they were in terrible condition.

  3. I'm pretty sure I started collecting in 1998. I'd have to go with 1965 Topps as my all-time favorite set. I just love the pennant with the team name. The overall design of the set is simply fantastic.

  4. 2010 is the year I bought my first baseball card pack, Opening day. and I'm kinda partial to the 1960 Topps set.

  5. I started in 1992, through all the gimmicky late 90s sets, then stopped around 2001 and picked it back up with a pack of 2010 Update bought on a whim when I was at Target and not in a hurry one day.

    Favorite set is a tough question. I'll say 1997 Donruss Studio, which of course pulled me in with the gimmicky 8x10s.

  6. I started in 1987. My very first card of any kind was a 1986 Topps Walter Payton Record Breaker card. It is pretty beat up but I still have that very card.

    It is hard to pin down a favorite set. I like 1987 Topps because that is what I got started on but the fact that it is worthless makes me not like it as much. It is hard to compare vintage to modern sets so I am going to cheat and pick a vintage set and a modern set. And when you see the ones I choose you will see why they don't compare well.

    Vintage - 1922 E120 American Caramel - Simple design wth amazing B&W photos.

    Modern - 1996 SPX - With the holographs and bold colors even the base cards look like inserts.

  7. To be very honest these two questions are very hard for me and might be impossible to answer.

    1. What year did you start collecting?
    Sometime as a kid late 60s early 70s. I think around 1969/70 when I was 4 to 5. Having two older brothers helped so I might have actually started earlier from the time I was able to hold a dang card in my hand (or attempt to anyway) whenever that was.

    2. What is your favorite set of all time and why?
    I think the finalists for this are:
    Topps Baseball 1965: Why? Probably the pennant design plus it being my birthyear helps.

    Runner Ups:
    Topps 1974: The banners
    Topps 1975: The Dual Colors
    Topps 1959: The circle making it look like a picture frame.

    Topps 1970: Probably the oval design that gives it a picture frame look and the banner.
    Topps 1974: The goal Post design.
    Topps 1958: The oval picture frame design.

    Also Football 1975: the banner w/helmets, and 1971 w/the little cartoon players.

  8. Probably the worst thing Mr. Lemke has ever created ...

    Year I started collecting: 1975
    Favorite set of all-time: 1975 Topps

    If the house is on fire, the family, the dog, and my '75 Topps binder are coming with me.

  9. I would say I officially consider 1987 the start of my addiction although I know I'd bought a few backs as early as 1985.
    My favorite set of all time probably 1963 Topps. I have no idea why a set that came out 10 years before I was even born interests me so much, but this year I officially decided to try and build the set, slowly. And I could probably pick a few more modern sets as well, but I can say with out any hesitation that the worst sets ever made were in 1990 and 1991.

  10. I collected crazy hot rod cartoon cards when i was a kid (early 70's?), but started collecting baseball cards seriously around 1992.

    my favorite set would be 51 topps.

  11. I started collecting in 1985, I think it was a Ralston Purina or a Circle K odd ball set.

    My favorite set is also 1951 Topps, still today is one of my all time favorite designs. Some day I will have more than 2 cards and a wrapper!

  12. Wooo! I'll e-mail you tonight after I look everything over.

    1. 2010
    2. I have a soft spot for - of all things - 1989 Topps, as it's my favorite set from my birth year.

  13. I started around 1983.As a kid getting 40 cents to hit up the mom and pop store for a pack of cards. Topps football.I took a break during the over production years and came back around 2011.
    My set of choice is more of a pc I have of Patrick Ewing.He was my favorite player and I scooped up what I could.

  14. Started collecting in either '91 or '92. The yellow-bordered '91 Fleer set was the first pack that I ever ripped. My favorite set of all time is 1992 Pinnacle. Gotta love the black borders and the early 90s players.

  15. I started in 1988 and I have to say '88 Topps is my favorite set. Junk wax and all that aside, too many memories are tied to that set for me.

  16. Started collecting in '93 under the guidance of my older brother. favorite set was '82 topps. had a family friend with a couple boxes of these cards and he offered them to my brother and I. We picked through and I picked out the players I knew (mainly just the bigger names) and my brother helped me a bit...but somehow I didn't get the Ripken, hmmmm....but its my favorite because it was such a great time picking through all of those cards. pretty overwhelming as a kid.

  17. I started collecting in 1994, so sets from those years have a soft spot in my heart, specifically Topps, Score, Collector's Choice, Stadium Club as I can remember buying individual packs of those products. But for sentimental reasons, 1991 Topps is my favorite set. My best friend had a ton of doubles from that set and gave me them in 1994. His beat up doubles became my first baseball cards - the starter set that began my days of collecting.

  18. I started in 87 with the classically overproduced 1987 Topps woodgrain set. It remains my favorite just because of the nostalgia that I associate with it.