Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The First Win - by Barry Zito

The Giants finally got their first win yesterday, I was beginning to think this blog was some sort of a jinx.  After shaky pitching performances by Lincecum, Bumgarner and Cain it was none other than Barry Zito who stole the show and delivered the first win of the season.

I wasn't able to watch the game but looking at the box score reminds me of the Zito of old, back in his Oakland A's Cy Young days.  He completed the game allowing only 4 hits, no walks or runs and only 114 pitches.  That this pitching performance was in the high altitude of Denver makes it even more impressive.

I know Zito has one of the worst contracts in MLB history, this story has him as the 3rd worst - Worst Contracts in MLB History - from a few years back.  For some reason I have a soft spot for him.  I always want to have him do well.  He seems like a nice guy, I actually know someone well who knows him well, and he plays for my Giants.  There are always glimmers of greatness like yesterday but in the end he always disappoints.  I will remain optimistic that this is a good sign but in reality I expect him to get bombed next time he goes out.  Either way I am going to savor this first win of the season.


  1. I pulled that Zito patch card out of a box of Platinum I got for Christmas! Wonder if there are any other Zito collectors out there?

  2. Nice patch card.

    Last Saturday at the flea market, I sold some of Zito memorabilia cards (doubles from my PC) for two bucks/piece to a Giants fan. We reminisced about his glory years with the A's... and voila... he kills it on Monday.

    I'm not a Giants fan, but I hope he has an awesome season.