Sunday, April 29, 2012

Trade Post - "O" no & Mistress

I have been making so many trades and entering group breaks that I have enough content to post almost daily on those topics alone.  I am hoping to work on some more new features to add to the blog in the near future and will be picking up McCovey Mondays again tomorrow but in the meantime, I have some great goods to share from a couple recent trades - both my first with these bloggers.

First up is a trade with Ryan over at "O" No!!! Another Orioles Blog.  The trade started with Ryan posted 3 Willie Mays cards he received in a Gypsy Queen break.  I reached out to him and, as trades often do, it became much bigger that I ever thought it might.  I sent Ryan a bunch of Orioles from as far back as the 1980s and a couple HOFer GUs from their days with the Orioles and received back a bunch of Giants goodies and a few set needs.  Here are some of my favorites.

First off, we can check out the 3 Mays cards that started it all.  I love the Glove Stories photo of the catch.  I have the mini version that zooms in a lot closer but love this zoomed out picture that shows the beauty of one of the most famous catches in World Series history.  I also received the retail Cepeda Framed parallel and a Marichal mini.

 Ryan also included some nice hits from the Giants.  Outside of the Panda, none of these guys really made it big but I really like the design of the GU/Auto Jerome Williams card and all 4 were wants off my Giants list.

 Here is some rookie sweetness, again all needs off the Giants want list.  Two cards of recently extended Madison Bumgarner and one of the hopefully All-Star starting catcher Buster Posey (sad side note - one of our goldfish ate part of my little fish named Buster over the weekend and Buster didn't make it - hope this isn't some sort of a sign).  I have most of Buster's regular issued rookie cards so it was nice to knock this one off the list.

 I also received 20 Home Run History cards I needed, these are my 3 favorite.  The first, #177 commemorates what I believe is his first HR as a Giant and therefore the first I want to add into my collection. The 500 HR card is in gold while the 756 is in silver - both look very nice and celebrate milestones in Bonds HOF career.

Finally, I was able to knock 6 cards off my set want list. Five from Opening day, still a pretty lengthly list of inserts needed from that set and one from Topps Series 1, I am down to 11 Golden Greats cards to finish off that one.

Ryan - thank you for the great trade!!!

The second trade I will highlight was with Adam over at My Cardboard Mistress.  The trade started when I saw a red bordered Brandon Belt parallel up for trade on his blog.  Again, I reached out, has some of his set needs and deal was struck.  Here are some of my favorite cards I got in return.

Great cards of All-Star pitchers with the Giants.  Marichal had a great career and this card shows a beautiful picture of him getting ready to sling a pitch towards an overpowered batter.  The Schmidt and Cain are parallels that fit nicely into my collection.  The Big Unit and Barry Zito weren't All-Stars during their time with the Giants but both have special places in the history of the Giants.  Randy Johnson won his 300th game as a Giant and Zito signed one of the worst contracts in team history.

Some prospect cards that knocked needs off my want list.  Brett Pill is featured on a couple of these cards and is getting some PT with the big club this year.  I hope he turns out to be a bat the Giants can use.  

Finally some additional Giants cards to finish off the trade.  An Edgar Rentaria insert and 5 parallels. I love the O-Pee-Chee black parallels and have seem quite a few fans across the blogosphere.  The last cards shown, the Brandon Belt, is actually the card that started it all.

Adam - thanks for the trade, I really appreciate it!


  1. I'll also say: Glad you like them! It's always great to bring home cards of your favorite team from a trade!