Saturday, May 25, 2013

Great Vintage Sportlots Pickups & 2013 Collecting Goal - 1972 Set Quest

I have shared quite a few great, cheap pickups from the Sportlots auction site.  I haven't seen too many, if any, bloggers bidding against me over there and I am quite fine with that. I would have to believe that this new great deal I recently received on a quartet of vintage HOF cards would have been less of a deal or nonexistent if some of you were over there.

First check out the 4 cards and then I will share the price.

I picked up this card for my 1970 set quest but ended up getting another copy in a trade.  This is a great card headlined by HOFer Rod Carew.  Reggie Smith was a Giant late in his career and from what I have read and heard, Tony Oliva is someone who is somewhat underrated - he was one of the best for a number of years.

Speaking of former Giants, here is the Baby Bull, Orlando Cepeda.  I nice 1972 Topps card to go towards my set.

It keeps getting better, another HOF star from 1972 Topps - Lou Brock. I don't believe I had ever seen this card in person prior to receiving it.  I love the brightness of the red in his uniform and wonder what is going on off camera when this picture is being snapped.

And the highlight of this package - a 1969 Topps Bob Gibson!  Great looking card and a wonderful addition to my collection.  I have noticed that I have accumulated quite a few 1969 Topps cards.  Maybe someday that will be a set quest.  For now I am going aggressively after the 1970 and 1973 sets and trying to accumulate a nice stack of 1972s.  I have very few 1971s and that will probably need to be next, especially since that is the year I was born.

All right, anyone want to guess the price for the above 4 cards?  4 vintage cards all 40+ years old and all featuring HOFers. No major creases or paper loss or writing.  Can you believe that I got all 4 of these for $4.50 delivered?  I am super excited about this purchase if you are unable to tell :-)

As mentioned, I am trying to get a start on a 1972 set, the two cards above helped as well as these 3 other recent 1972 Topps pickups.

Three addition HOFers picked up a couple LCSs.  I believe the Brock and Robinson were $1 each and Pops set me back $4.  I have picked up a bunch of lots of 1972 cards over the past few months.  My goal starting the year was to accumulate at least 250 different cards from this set.

Total Cards added in this post - 5
Goal for 2013 - 250 different cards
Updated status towards 2013 goal -233/250 = 93.2%

Looks like this will be a pretty easy goal to attain.

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