Saturday, May 18, 2013

Top 20 Recent Vintage Purchases - #3 1967 Topps Willie Mays

This is the newest acquisition of the top 20 countdown.  In my quest to finish off at least 5 1960 Giants team sets as a 2013 goal, I am on the hunt for quite a few reasonable priced Willie Mays card.

This great looking cards of a smiling Mays leaves me with 2 higher numbered cards to finish the team set.  Those are proving fairly tough to track down.  The signature on this card is very different from his current signature, I wonder if this is a fake of if his auto just evolved.  Great pick up and a pretty high ranking, what do the top 2 have in store?

Prior cards in the countdown:

#8 - 1962 Topps Frank Robinson All Star
#7 - 1962 Topps Juan Marichal
#6 - 1958 Topps Eddie Mathews  
#5 - 1963 Topps Orlando Cepeda
#4 - 1958 Topps Ernie Banks All Star 


  1. What a classic! I've always been under the impression they took the signatures off the player's contracts.

  2. Nice pick-up Adam, and in great shape too!

    I agree about the auto - looks nothing like what I have seen from Mays. I see that a lot with older Topps 'feaux autos'.