Saturday, March 22, 2014

Trade Post - Bob Walk the Plank

I recently received a nice package of cards from a relatively new blogger, Matt writer of Bob Walk the Plank.  I have really enjoyed checking out his amazing Pirates collection, I am a big fan of the Pirates uniforms and Matt has displayed some great patches from his collection.

Let me share some of the goods that I received...

First up are some misc Giants cards, these were my favorite from the group.  At first glace I thought Topps had been lazy again and the two Posey's in the upper row were the same picture.  Then I pulled my head out and realized one was featuring a home uniform and the other a road uniform.  The 2 1971 minis remind me that I haven't done much in the way of the 1971 set so far this year.

 I got a nice big stack of Barry Bonds HR History cards.  I needed almost all that Matt include, here are 7 of the 20 that I needed.  Every time I get one of these cards, I remind you to check my want list and send me any that I may need.  If you collected during this time frame you have these sitting around and we all know that everyone but me hates Barry.

 The final card is an awesome dual relic of Hall of Famer Orlando Cepeda.  Matt dropped me a note saying that even though Orlando wasn't featured as a Giant he hoped I would enjoy it and do I.  This will fit nicely in my HOFer collection, I think it is a beautiful card.

Thanks Matt for the cards, I am working on a package to send your way soon.


  1. Nice pickups. I've seen a few trade posts involving Matt and he's got some good stuff to offer.

    1. I have some Red Sox stuff. Shoot me a message sometime and we can try and work something out.

  2. Glad you liked everything! I've been putting more Giant stuff aside for you when you are ready for round 2!