Sunday, November 20, 2016

One of the Few Perks of Work Travel

One of the draws to my new job in Kansas was less travel.  At the peak of my career from a travel perspective I was going 2-4 nights/week about 3 weeks per month.  Since relocating here over the summer, I think I have only gone on 4 trips, less than 1/month.  I have been trying to limit the trips as much as possible - for example I flew out to Los Angeles last week and left on a 6:40 AM flight on Monday and returned on a 6:25 PM flight on Tuesday.  The quick turnaround didn't allow me to stop by my old LCS even through I drove right by the exit.

However, about 5 weeks ago I traveled to Sacramento for a couple meetings and made a week of it.  I decided to stay a little longer so I could visit my mom and a couple of friends in the evenings. I also found time to look for any card shops.  I believe there are a few in the area, I happened to track one down near the down town area.  It had a couple good yelp reviews.

When I entered, it was dominated by non-sports stuff.  Lots of comic books, Magic and Pokeman cards, etc.  They did have a few packs of sports cards on the wall and a display case.  The display case had some stacks of Giants, A's, 49ers and Raiders but was pretty disheveled and disorganized.  Most of the Giants I could see were already part of my collection but I saw this guy peeking out:

It had a $30 price tag on it which I thought was slightly high but not too out of range for a 4 color patch.  I picked up a couple packs of Heritage High Number and Heritage Minors and the guy knocked $5 off the price of this card.  Nothing of note in the packs but I was pretty happy to bring this beauty home for just over the price of a blaster. 


  1. Sweet patch!
    I think my favorite part of travel, for work or for pleasure, is finding new card stores.

  2. Hey - that has the gold trim on the patch. That's not one of the normal uniforms but from their World Champs unis they wore. Didn't they only wear those for a single game or over the opening day series?


    No - that is their base setup. I didn't realize gold was a part of their home uniforms.

  3. Glad you're able to still get back to the Golden State, Adam! There's a shop south of downtown that I've done a bit of business with, D&P cards - check it out on your next visit and call me in advance!

  4. When I travel I look for two things, cards and beer!

  5. Definitely one of my favorite travel activities. Found a couple in the NYC back in February, as well as a couple near Arlington, VA.