Friday, November 18, 2016

Topps Redemption Replacement

About a month back I got a postage due notice from the post office for just over $7.  I was frustrated and was about to just abandon the package but I noticed that the senders was denoted as "Topps".  I have 2 pretty nice Giants redemptions sitting in my queue on Topps website and I could risk missing out on those cards.

I put some cash in the provided envelope and waited a couple of days to receive the package.  When I opened up the package I had this letter waiting for me:

I had totally forgotten about this redemption but pulled it back in 2012 out of a blaster of Topps Chrome Football.

 As the letter stated, the replacement was this refractor auto of WR Jarvis Landry, not the greatest card or player but I am sure the value is comparable to the card that was replaced.

Here is the bonus card that was included.  It is a nicely designed card but the player leaves something to be desired.

As an added bonus, I also received a pack of cards.  I believe this was one of those pack redemption offers.  The cards with the blue wave borders present pretty nicely.  The RG3 was on the top and the bottom was covered up.  I decided to open the pack and received a couple other rookie cards along with a rookie auto of RB Alfred Morris.
I am guessing Topps is trying to clear out everything football at this point since losing their license and I suspect I got higher value than the card I had redeemed.  None of these cards fit snugly in my collection so if there is someone out there that is interested in any of them, drop me a note.


  1. I've been hearing a lot of stories of Topps going the extra mile on redemptions the last few months.

  2. You got some decent stuff, but that $7 postage due thing really sucks.

  3. That Strata is gorgeous, although I look at it and say "WHO?".

    I haven't quite figured out why yet, but RGIII is in my collection, so I can provide a home for that one.

  4. I'm with Andy... that Strata card is sweet. Did Topps say if they'll be reimbursing the $7?

  5. I'd take both Redskins, but Andy's got dibs on RGIII. I can see if I have any comparable Niner hits...?

    Email at QAPLAGCA at yahoo .com