Friday, December 16, 2016

Black Friday Box Breaks #3 - 2014 Panini Hall of Fame Baseball

My next box break to share is my first of 2 boxes of 2014 Panini Hall of Fame Baseball.  With 2 guaranteed Hall of Fame autos I struggle not to pick these up when they are on sale.  I actually have autos of most of the players who appear in this product but I also enjoy the other cards and it isn't a crime to have more than one auto of Hall of Famers.

First up is what I guess would be considered the base cards of the product:
Three guys I grew up watching, all solid cards to pull.  I didn't get any crazy low print run cards but I am pretty happy with the pulls. For some reason I am drawn to the Gwynn card, it looks like a younger picture of Tony and he seems to have a solemn look on his face.  The bat on the shoulder is great as well.

I pulled 3 Crusade cards.   The Dawson is a Purple parallel numbered to 50.  The Terry is a blue base version and is a new Giant to my collection.  The Whitey is numbered 10/10 and I just love the die cut versions of these cards.

This pack/box had 2 of the Diamond King cards.  The Roush is the base version, I am a little disappointed he is shown as a Red as he did play as a Giant. I seem to score a lot of Jim Rice's when opening boxes of this product.

A couple shiny inserts that I believe were also included in the Donruss product.  I am a fan of both and have contemplated going after sets of both.  I have no idea how big the sets are and should probably research it before I get too serious. Grimes is card number 2 and Gibson card number 1 so that is no help at all.

 My first auto in this box was this Goose Gossage card.  It is my second Goose auto in my collection.  This card is nice, love the Gossage photo with his trademark facial hair.  I live the overall design of these autos and you have to appreciate how clean Goose's auto is.  Gossage did tick me off earlier this year with some negative comments blaming Buster Posey for the new rule eliminating collisions at the plate.  I will chalk that up to an aging semi-senile former Yankee douche-bag. I still have respect for his career accomplishments but he needs to keep his mouth shut when it comes to the game today.

 Someone I have always had mad respect for is Stan the Man Musial.  My second auto was this super cool Donruss Hall of Fame Heroes buyback auto card.  As Stan aged his auto started to suffer.  It looks like this card was later in life but not during those final few months of his life when he was signing lots of stickers for Leaf.  This is also my second Musial auto and was my favorite pull, by far of my Black Friday breaks.  The serial numbering to 57 is curious but what a great addition to my growing HOF auto collection.


  1. Stan the Man. Awesome auto. The Goose is cool also. Nice legible auto

    1. I agree. That Stan the Man auto is really nice.

  2. Pretty nice cards, and great autographs.