Friday, December 23, 2016

Black Friday Box Breaks #4 - 2014 Panini Hall of Fame Baseball #2

Haven't posted in a week, been having too much fun going through my recently delivered COMC order.  I have been buying on there for the last few months, took advantage of some Black Friday sales then had 433 items shipped to me for free.  Sorting, cataloging and scanning is just about complete but in the meantime, I thought I would share my 2nd box of 2014 Panini Hall of Fame Baseball from a recent purchase.

Here are the base cards:
Just like my first box, I received 2 cards /75 and one /50.  I sure would have liked to score a lower print run card but I am still a big fan of these cards.  Three great Hall of Famers here and I am really liking the photo selection.

On to the Crusade cards.
 Scored 2 base unnumbered Crusade cards and a sweet die cut Johnny Evers /25.  No Giants this time but I am loving the old school player selection here.

Speaking of old school, also scored 2 HOFers from well before my time with the Diamond King cards.  As I look at this Casey Stengel card, it seems to me that he really hasn't been well represented in card releases despite his almost universal recognition as one of the top managers in history.  (I decided to fact check myself - no false news here - and Casey does have almost 500 different cards in the Beckett database with a significant percentage since I started collecting in 1979).

I scored an extra Elite Series card in this box and it is a nice Cal Ripken Jr. /25 - very nice!  As mentioned with my last box break I am a fan of both of these sets. If you have any floating around feel free to send them my way :-)

Now for Auto #1....

This first auto is a disappointment. I like Eck and appreciate his cool autograph but this is a duplicate for me.  Not just the fact that I have an Eck auto in my collection, I actually have this exact same card.  I guess as my HOF auto collection grows this is bound to happen.  If anyone is in need or want of this card, hit me up for a trade.

Any now the final card...

Wow!  Another Donruss Hall of Fame Heroes buyback auto of a deceased HOFer.  I bought this set of cards (without the autos of course) a little while back because I am such a fan of the set.  To get 2 of them autographed in these two boxes is really nice.  Despite the Eck duplicate, this card makes this a very successful box in my view.

I have one more box to share from this order but I think it will wait for a while.  It wasn't the most exciting box break and I am more eager to start posting about my monster COMC order.


  1. I like Eck's auto. Too bad you already had it. I'm sure you'll find someone to trade it to. But as nice as it is, it pales in comparison to pulling the Kiner auto. Very nice!

  2. FYI, Dave and Adam's has these boxes on sale right now for $55 a pop. I've been eyeing this set for a while. The photography is fantastic and who doesn't love the crusade cards? Plus, you've pulled two fantastic autographs from the last two!