Tuesday, January 17, 2017

2016 Black Friday COMC Order #6 - Topps Inserts

Starting in 2006, I decided that in addition to the Topps Flagship base sets, I would collect most of the insert sets.  I have passed on a few retail only sets but otherwise I have done a nice job of adding all the inserts to my collection.

A couple years back I started picking up random inserts from earlier Topps releases and last year I made it official and put together a checklist of all the insert sets and a want list.

Most of what I have picked up have cost me 18-25 cents on Sportlots but I did pick up a few Topps inserts during this COMC shopping spree.

I accidentally filed these away prior to noting the years of each. Plus I am running short on time so without any additional commentary, here are the inserts I picked up:

If you collected Topps products for 1994-2005 and have some inserts laying around, checkout my want list and let's make a trade. 

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  1. The Grieve is the coolest looking. Also a couple of nice Maddux's.