Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Joy of a Completed 1950s Giants Team Set

It has been a while since I have finished off a vintage Giants team set.  I recently picked up this beauty - a 1951 Topps Monte Irvin card.

1951 is the first set Topps put out and the cards would allow you to play some sort of card game.  I haven't really looked into it but Monte's card must have been a pretty good one with a double.  The Giants team set only consisted of 6 cards and with the addition of Irvin I now have the complete set, check it out:

Completing vintage sets will be pretty rare for me moving forward.  The only Giants I need for a complete Topps run are the 1953 & 1955 Willie Mays plus I need 15 card from the 1952 set including a Willie Mays RC, Monte Irvin and 12 of the rare and uber expensive high number series.  I will probably shift any vintage focus towards the Bowman releases in the late 40s and early 50s.  It sure feels nice to have this one in the books.

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  1. Impressive! Anytime you can finish off a team set from the '50s is a great accomplishment.