Saturday, September 2, 2017

Bringing Home the Bronze

A little while back, John of Johnny's Trading Spot had a contest similar to Wes' Big Fun Game and I was lucky enough to earn a spot.  I jumped in on the contest and even had a little dialog in the comments section about what I was hoping to win.

When my turn came up, I made a steal and low and behold my desired item entered my collection.  I was surprised at the size and weight of the item I won and took a few pictures to try and share via the blog.

First up is the "binder" the card was contained in.  It is plastic with a nice Highland Mint logo on the cover.

Here is the spine, showing the player, the year and the material of the card.  There is even a serial number.  Could you imagine a shelf with a bunch of these stacked like books?

Sorry for the sideways picture but here is what it looks like opened up.  There is a nice place on the left to hold the folded COA and the right has an area to contain the encase bronze card.

Here is a nice close up of my Will "The Thrill" Clark bronze card.  It is modeled after his 1986 Topps Traded rookie card - Nice!

The back is spot on accurate as well.   I hadn't seen one of the bronze cards from this release, I am very impressed by the quality.

I took a picture of the card and the case next to a regular sized card.  Note the thickness of the bronze card but also the case the card is in.

Here is the unfolded COA with the 0917 serial number matching the side of the plastic binder it is contained in.  Looks like there were 3000 Clark cards made.

In his typical generous fashion, John also included a few extra Giants for my collection.  This Barry Zito is my favorite, when I see base cards this nice I always reflect on how nice it was when Upper Deck was still in the Baseball card business.

Here are some other great cards from 2017 that John tossed in as well.

John thanks for the contest and for allowing me to add the great Will Clark to my collection.  With the success of your contest, Wes' contest and a couple others I am strongly considering to have my own give away as well.  I have a few things set aside as prizes and hope that once this Hurricane Harvey tragedy allows work to even out a bit (I am in the insurance business), I am planning on taking a day off and get all the contest stuff ready to go.


  1. Adam, you are most welcome. That contest was a blast. As for your work....Sounds like P & C, best wishes to get through this storm. When I work (it only happens a day or two every couple of months (lol) I'm in the biz too!

  2. I love those Highland Mints. I won the 75T Bronze Brett from Johnny's contest and was stoked to add it to my collection.

  3. Was lucky to find the Schmidt (replica 74T) at the Rose Bowl Flea market a few years ago....a guy was blowing out a huge selection at $10 apiece. Bought a Puckett for a web trading partner of mine, didn't see any Clarks though or I would have scored one for you then!