Friday, September 1, 2017

Just for the "F" of It #10

Wow, just realized that this is my first Just for the "F" of it post of 2017.  I am a bad blogger.

As a reminder, these are cards I don't really fit into one of my core collections, be it sets, player collections, team collections or HOFer Autos but I picked them up to add to my collection for the "F"un of it.  This is a PG rated blog, what did you think the "F" stands for???

Today I am sharing an autographed card of Bobby Grich, retired second baseman of the California Angels.  Grich started his career on the Orioles and played there until 1976 but my memories of him we from his tenure with the Angels from 1977-1986.

From a looks perspective, this card looks quite a bit better in hand, the scan mutes out some of the shine.  This card comes from 2005 Topps Pristine.  Despite the sticker auto the design seems fine to me.  The card wasn't expensive and isn't worth much, you can find one on eBay or COMC for under 10 bucks, but it is a perfect Just for the "F" of it card for my collection.

My memories of Grich center around his comparative offensive prowess as a second baseman.  I started following baseball seriously and collecting cards in 1979 which coincided with Grich's best offensive season where he hit 30 HRs and knocked in 101 RBI.  In a day of fairly light hitting second basemen, this season impressed the heck out of a young kid.

Outside of the Dodgers, I also had a fondness for all the CA teams.  The Giants were always number one but I liked following the A's and Angels quite a bit and the Padres to a lessor extent.  Grich was one of the top players on the Angels and even managed to get some MVP votes a couple of years, including 1979, and made 3 All-Star teams.  Going back and reviewing his career in whole, he had as good of a stint with the Orioles making 4 All-Star teams, 4 Gold Gloves and got MVP votes in 3 different seasons.

His stats don't elevate him to Cooperstown levels but he is definitely a member of the Hall of Very Good in my book.  Another "F"un card for the collection.


  1. Many of my favorite players belong to the Hall of Very Good. Grich is a nice addition to any collection!

  2. It was kinda fun watching the Angels in the 80's. Their lineup was stacked with Lynn, Carew, Boone, Grich, DeCinces, and Jackson. Good times. And you called it perfectly... he's definitely in my Hall of Very Good as well.