Monday, September 4, 2017

The Joy of a Completed Insert Set - 2014 Allen & Ginter Fields of Yore

My collection of the Allen & Ginter set has been off and on.  I typically like the product but different issues (timing of release, skyrocketing box prices, high priced SPs) have resulted in me not pursuing the set about half the time since it was started in 2006.

One year I did not collect the base set was 2014.  However through some blog posts and a couple pack purchases I spotted an insert set that I had to have.  This Fields of Yore insert set features some great artwork on the front of the cards highlighting (mostly) baseball fields from the past.  I believe only Wrigley Field is still in use today.

The backs have a nice little write up sharing a bit of history from each field.  This is a great looking set and I have scanned front and back of all 10 cards for your viewing pleasure.

If I have one complaint, I would have liked to seen the historic Polo Grounds as part of the set.  I would have probably replaced either Wrigley (since it is still in use) or Shea (since it is the most modern park in the group).  Great job by Topps and the Allen and Ginter team, this is one of my favorite all time insert set.


  1. I found the Metropolitan Stadium card in a dime box last spring. Needless to say, I snatched it up for my collection. This is a really cool insert set but I wish it was a bit bigger and included parks such as Crosley Field, Polo Grounds, Shibe Park, and maybe even Memorial Stadium in Baltimore. Hopefully one day there will be a continuation of this in the A&G set.

  2. Cool insert set. Maybe one day they'll update it and add the Polo Grounds. I know it's not nearly as old, but I'd love to see them include Candlestick Park (since that's the ballpark I grew up going to).

    1. Would love to see the Stick as well, my childhood favorite park.