Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2013 Giants Chevron Team Set

Over the past few years, the Giants have held a stadium giveaway sponsored by Emerald Nuts with a team set of Giants cards as the giveaway.  I am missing a couple, including the 2010 set which has a Posey rookie and is hard to track down, so I have set up an eBay search with daily notifications of new postings.  I also figured that would allow me to get notice when the 2013 set came out, a lazy way opposed to reviewing the schedule and finding out when the give away was scheduled.

Well my laziness ended up biting me in the rear as the sponsor changed from Emerald Nuts to Chevron.  Fortunately I was able to track a set down, unfortunately it was for much more than I would have liked to pay.

The wrapper this year is pretty cool:
A great celebration picture on the front with the World Champion Logo in the bottom right hand corner - doesn't get much better than that.

On to the cards:
 These cards are of the same design as the Topps Flagship set with the exception of the Chevron logo appearing in the bottom right corner.  In line with prior sets with Emerald, the card numbers are SF1 through SF31. The players are numbered in alphabetical order and many of the photos are the same as the Topps Flagship set like the Affeldt, Bumgarner, Casilla, Lincecum and Lopez. Cain and Gaudin have a different photo than their Topps cards.  Gillespie and Kontos didn't appear in the Topps Series 1, 2 or Update.
 Machi, Noonan and Abreu are new to this set.  I believe Mijares and Sanchez have different photos.  The Hector Sanchez picture is pretty cool.
 I believe Arias is the only one in this scan that doesn't have a flagship card.  Scutaro, Sandoval and Pagan have different photos.  I believe the photo variations are occurring on players with horizontal pictures or that only appears in Update.
 Here is the manager, Bruce Bochy and all the coaches.  It is a little puzzling that they would make all the player cards vertical and then turn the coaches horizontal.  Oh well, not many people really care much about the coaches.  I included the Chevron ad as well, Chevron had been a sponsor for the ballpark since it opened.
And in case the baseball smarts tease on the front of the Chevron card made you wonder, here is the back with some trivia.

Overall a pretty cool set and nice addition to the Giants collection.


  1. Are you kidding me? 13.3 seconds to circle the bases?!?! I'm fairly certain I couldn't even make it to first in under 20sec.

  2. Hey, the only reason I pick up these sets is for the coaches cards! Got get my yearly Meulens and Kelly card fix.

  3. Whaaaaat? There's a 2008 one? I want it. Thanks for posting this.