Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Embarrassing Trade Post #1 - My Cardboard Mistress

Time to start ripping off the band aids.  I have mentioned several times about some older trades that I never posted and over the next couple weeks I am committed to getting caught up and celebrating these trades from long ago. How long ago you may ask, I am not 100% certain but know I scanned the cards back in May of 2013.

In all I believe I will have 7 of these embarrassing posts and I am going to shoot for one every other day.  I need to show my appreciation for these great bloggers who added to my collection.  This trade is one I made with My Cardboard Mistress.  Spankee is a great blogger (I love his custom cards in his header, currently the Buttfumble if my favorite even if I am a USC fan followed closely by the HOF Credentials card) and also sent me some great Giants.

I was tempted to make a goal for 2014 to finish off the Giants Mother's Cookies/Keeblers sets. These cards from the 90s highlight one of my favorite Giants eras with Dusty at the helm, overlapping of Bonds and Will the Thrill and other favorites like Robby Thompson, Kirk Manwaring and Matt Williams.  My friends and I always called Willie McGee the ugliest man on earth but he was a very solid player.  Also a nice photo of Rags around the end of his playing career before becoming the Giants great pitching coach.

I don't have many Finest cards in my collection so these were great additions.  The Emerald parallels were one of my favorites this year and in looking at my want lists I am surprised I still need 1 Series 1 card, 7 Series 2 cards and 1 Update card - I need to remedy this situation.  The Bonds card was a cool new addition followed by a Bowman's Best card and an Omega of HOF candidate Jeff Kent.  Great selection of cards.

Finally some cool extras tossed in.  I had never seen these Weird-ohs cards, they are funny and I wouldn't mind tracking down some more.  I also scored a couple Giants holograms, I have a huge stack of holograms and stickers that I need to figure out how to display, maybe their own binder?

Thanks for the great trade Spankee and sorry it took so long to post.

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