Sunday, January 26, 2014

Trade Post - Waiting 'Til Next Year

I ran by Target again today and still no luck with 2014 Topps.  Tomorrow is a busy day at work then flying out super early on Tuesday to Philadelphia for work (it is going to be COLD!) so it is looking like I will be Waiting 'Til Later in the Week for my first glimpse of 2014 Topps in person when I pick up a Jumbo Box on my way home from the airport on Friday (assuming it comes out in hobby form this week).  In the meantime, how about a trade post!

I cleaned up all my totally embarrassing trades over the past few weeks from before I moved over last summer.  I am hoping to stay on top of my trades a little better but this one is probably a little on the old side.  This trade was for a great batch of cards from P-Town Tom the author of the great blog Waiting 'til Next Year. The best and final card was the origin of the trade but I got all kinds of other great cards.

 This first group were all set needs.  I am still working on those Gyspy Queen insert sets but I just recently put the Heritage and Archives sets to rest.  These were some of the final cards for my Opening Day insert sets - I am still trying to decide if I will go after 2014 Opening Day.

 Next up is a batch of minor league Giants.  I have recently decided to put together a binder of just minor league cards that all but the Bowman card will reside in once I get to that project.  I haven't bought any packs of the recent Heritage Minors sets that Topps has put out but I sure like the minor league logos.  My patriotic juices start flowing when I see cards prominently featuring the American Flag.

Some more Giants, these are of the oddball variety.  I still need quite a few Will Clarks from this time period but I am slowly picking them off.

 Some more cool Giants cards in the trade package.  I went crazy of Triple Play the first year of its release (I think I bought 2 full boxes and a bunch of packs) but didn't buy a pack last year so those were nice additions to the Giants collection. There were only 4 base cards and 3 inserts, all of which I have picked up.

As teased above, there was one incredible card that started the trade.  As I recall, Tom picked this card up with me specifically in mind.  Ironically I had just purchased a copy of this card when he pinged me for this trade.  Fortunately in addition to needing one for my Giants collection, I had decided to put together this set.  I decided to place this well loved card in my Giants binder and I love it.

Thanks P-Town Tom for the great trade!


  1. My pleasure. I forgot how "well loved" that Mays was. My word!

  2. I actually liked the second year of Triple Play more than the first. The Buster Posey is a good example of why. I think they were more imaginative this time.

  3. That Mays is definitely a home run!