Saturday, January 4, 2014

Some Great Additions to my Vida Blue Collection

I didn't post much during the second half of 2013 and I plan to remedy that in 2014.  One of my successful 2013 collecting goals was reinvigorating my Vida Blue collection.  I was helped along with his inclusion in several new sets and thought I would share some of my pick ups over the past few months.  In my opinion he has some great cards out in 2013.

First up is Allen & Ginter, the first time Vida has been included in this set.

 His base card looks solid, the green and gold uniforms are sharp and look great on cardboard.

I have found with A&G that the photos either really work or really don't work in the mini format and the Vida really works.  The picture looks like it was designed to be put on a mini card.  I have the regular mini which isn't pictured and here are the A&G back and the black border.  This year's design is solid and I really like the black border.

This Gypsy Queen mini is the Sepia parallel and as you can probably see is limited to 50 copies. I like the Sepia parallel and the McCovey is the only Giants I currently have and I think I need to seek out some more if I can find them this long after the product was released and at a reasonable price.  The Sepia coloring looks nice with the Vida card.

 Speaking of looking nice, this auto is a great looking card.  You can really see is high leg kick (why don't any pitchers today use a high leg kick?) and I like that the photos used were different on these two cards.  Ready for some more autos?

 This year's Tribute has several colored parallels as usually and I was able to pick up a couple of this card, the regular auto and gold parallel numbered to just 15 copies.  These cards are nice and think and shiny and are obviously designed with the auto in mind.  I really like the on card autos.

 Vida also has a second autographed card in the set picturing him in his Giants uniform.  As you can guess, I was pretty excited about that!  Most of his new releases have been pictured with A's cards which I am fine with but it is a bonus to have couple Giants.  With this design I got tbe regular and sepia parallel which is numbered to 35.

 I saved my favorite for last, I think this is an amazing looking card.  I typically am not a huge fan of cards with sticker autos but to me that doesn't detract from the beauty of this card.  The design is classy and I have been on record not having an issue with the cut off head's to eliminate the logos.  The triple color patch with all the stitching really makes this card pop.  This card is numbered 21/25 and I believe this cost me more than any previous Vida card but it was worth it.

I am hoping the trend continues with new Vida cards in 2014.  While my want list seems pretty sizable, most of the cards I need are pretty hard to come by and I want to see my Vida collection grow.