Friday, January 17, 2014

Embarrassing Trade Post #5 - Cards from the Quarry

Another long overdue blog post of some great trade goods, this time from everyone's favorite Rockies focused blog Cards from the Quarry.  In addition to his Rockies collection hiflew is in the middle of sharing his 2013 Quarry Unlimited set which is really cool, if you haven't checked it out you should.

Band aid #5 has now been ripped.  I have mentioned several times about some older trades that I never posted and I am committed to getting caught up and celebrating these trades from too long ago - this post gets me past the half way mark. How long ago you may ask, I am not 100% certain but know I scanned the cards back in May of 2013.

First up are some Giants from some great sets that are under represented in my collection. I love the look of Finest cards, especially those featuring Rob Beck with an awesome colorful design.  Topps Chrome has almost made my list of sets to focus on in my annual collecting goals but the volume of cards I need had kind of scared me off.  It was nice to pick up a couple in this trade.  Aurora seems to have very different designs year to year but they are usually pretty cool. These were my first three from this set.  I am a big fan of most everything released by Pacific.

Check out this batch of cards, if you don't look close enough you may think these are just duplicate Topps base cards.  However, if you do look closely you will see these are all Topps Gold Parallels - cool!  The early parallels like these are always great additions, I have always been a fan of parallels although I do think the last few years have gotten a little out of control.

Finally the last of the trade stack with a variety of cards.  My favorites are the 4 Topps inserts. These are all great additions to the Giants collection.  If you missed or skipped over my 2014 goals, I am targeting all the Topps insert sets from the first half of the 2000s to finish off some master sets.  I am going to need to seek out additional copies of a couple of these but I am super happy to have them in the Giants binders.

Another great trade from a great blogger, sorry it took so long to show off the cards.

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  1. No need for embarrassment, because I am honestly not sure if I ever showed your side off. If you scanned these in May 2013, then the trade had to have been before January 2013 because that's when I dropped off the grid for a while. Either way, I am glad you got the cards and they are helpful.

    BTW, I do remember that the Rod Beck is not an actual Finest card. It is a pre-production card that was an insert in 94 Topps Series 2. So maybe that will help with your insert set goal as well (although it is a bit earlier than 2000).