Friday, January 17, 2014

Hall of Famers Auto - Paul Molitor

I set a goal of adding 4 Hall of Famer Autograph cards to my collection in 2014 and I didn't waste any time making some progress towards that goal.  Check out this beauty:

This is obviously a Paul Molitor autograph card out of 2013 Topps Five Star.  It is serial numbered 048/386.  I really like the design of the card and I guess it should look nice coming out of a high end product like Five Star.  Boxes of these cards go for $330 at dacardworld with these specs: "1 Pack Per Box, 6 Cards Per Pack. Five Autographs/Memorabilia Hits Per Box. One Auto'd Book Card or 1 Silver Sig Auto Per Box. Two Active or Retired Player Auto's Per Box."  With 5 hits per box you would hope to get a value of $66/hit if you were in the breaking even business so I am sure my $12.75 purchase including shipping was a disappointment to the seller, but it made me quite happy.

I like the photo selection of the card and the background is interesting and adds to the card.  I like the gold foil, it looks nice in person and and also scans well.  The on card auto is great but I am a little surprised how high of a print run this card has.  I wanted to pick up a Molitor either as a Brewer or Twin so this fits.  My first recollection of Molitor was his 1981 Topps card. I remember that he was listed as an All-Star but his position was listed as 2B-SS which I thought was odd but cool.

Here is the back of the card:

This is a solid design, I like the font that was chosen and the listing of 5 facts about his "Five Star Career".  I think it is pretty interesting that he lead the league in hits with each of his 3 teams, this is a piece of trivia I hadn't heard. This card is super think, I am thinking about the size of 10 normal cards. I believe there have been some quality issues with these card in the past but this one looks pretty nice to me.

I am very happy to add this to my HOF collection, I am now have autos from 65 different Hall of Famers.  I am thinking former Brewer teammate Robin Yount or Rod Carew may be my next targets.


  1. The first HoF Auto I ever pulled from a pack was a Molitor - 2009 Goudey. The Autos in that set were so similar to the base that I ddin't notice that it was a "Hit" right away. Definitely an underrated HoF - nice deal for well under the price of a blaster.

  2. I was a big molitor fan growing up. Glad I got to see him with the twins. Nice looking card

  3. My second favorite Brewer of all time, right behind Yount. Great signature too. I'm still looking to pick up a Molly auto, but I want mine to feature him in a Brewers uni.