Thursday, January 2, 2014

Trade Post - Nate of Big 44 Sports Cards

I have been a very bad blogger when it comes to posting trades I have made and I plan to remedy that over the next few weeks. I have trades that I haven't posted that occurred before my move (I moved into my new house on 7/3/13).  I have little in the way of excuses as I have already scanned the cards, just need to complete the write up - just plain laziness I guess.  Tonight I am actually going to post a more recent trade.

I got a comment on one of my posts followed by an email from Nate at Big 44 Sports Cards and he indicated he had 12 cards from my want list.  That of course got my attention.

 Nate first knocked of a nice group of Giants shiny cards off my 2013 Giants want list.  I bought very little Bowman this year (and will probably continue that trend in the coming years) so trades including Bowman cards are greatly appreciated.

 Next up are some Gypsy Queen inserts.  I decided not to collect the base set this year, again trying to cut back a little, but liked the insert sets too much not to chase.  Check out the names Nate sent, these are the common inserts.  We have Yu, Trout and Bryce in this group - very cool.  If you have some of these for trade, check out my want list as I still have some work to do to finish it off.  Fortunately Nate took most of the big names off the list.

Finally Nate knocked off card #1 from my Baker's Dozen list on the side of my blog.  This Zito Walmart parallel finished off the Series 1 team set which is pretty cool.  I don't get to finish too many parallel team sets.  I lead into my Baker's Dozen list saying that "Those who fill one of these needs will be greatly rewarded!" and I hope Nate felt that I did - based on his blog post I do think he was very happy with his end of the trade.

I definitely was!  Thanks Nate.

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